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excercise in which muscle pushews against muscle
air resistance
the frictional force air exerts on an object
horizontal velocity
speed that goes left to right
vertical velocity
speed that goes up and down
terminal velocity
greatest velocity reached by a falling object
law of conservation of momentum
the total momentum of a group of objects doesn't change unless acted upon by an outside force
cetripetal acceleration
acceleration of an object tword the center of a curved or circular motion
centripetal force
a force directed tword the center of the circle for an object moving in circular motion
force that opposes motion between two touching surfaces
law of gravitation
states that any two masses exert an attractive force on each other , the amount of which depends on the mass of the two object and the distance between them
property that a moving object has because of its mass and velocity
Newton's second law of motion
States that a net force acting on an object causes the object to accelerate in the direction of the net force
Newton's third law od motion
describes action- reaction pair- to every action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force
gravitaional force exerted an object by earth