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What are variables
factors that can change in an experiment
a way of learning about the natural world
What is the skill of observation
involves using one or more of your senses to gather info and collect data
What is the most important skill in any experiment?
laboratory safety
manipulated variable(sometimes called the independent variable)
the one variable that is changed to test an hypothesis
scientific theory
a well-tested concept that explains a wide range of observations
What is scientific inquiry
another term for the idverse ways in which scientists sutdy the natural world
What is data
the facts, figures and other evidence gathered through observations
What is inference
an interpretation of an observation that is based on evidence or prior knowledge
responding variable(sometimes called the dependent variable)
factor that changes because of the manipulated variable
controlled experiment
an experiment in which all of the variables except for one remain the same
Name some careers in life science
Physician(doctor), botanist, marine biologist, oceanographer, EMT emergecy medical technician, beterinarian, park ranger, physical therapist
laboratory safety
the skill of using one or more of the senses to gather info and collect data