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Who was the first person to use the word 'cell'?
Robert Hooke
What is the control center of the cell?
What is made of cellulose, and provides support to the cell?
cell wall
Who stated that all plants are made of cells?
Matthiaas Schleiden
What does the endoplasmic reticulum do?
the transportation system of the cell
What are Ribosomes?
Ribosomes make proteins.
What are Golgi Bodies?
Golgi Bodies package proteins.
Who is anton van Leeuwonhoek?
First person to see bacteria
What are lysosomes?
Lysosomes digest stuff.
What are chloroplasts?
Chloroplasts contain chlorophyll and make food for a plant cell.
Who is Theodore Schwann?
He stated that 'all animals are made of cells'.
What are microtubules?
Microtubules add support to a cell; they appear and disappear.
Who is Rudolf Virchow?
He stated that 'all cells come from other cells'.
What is the cell membrane?
Controls what goes into the cell and what goes out of the cell.
What are mitochondria?
Mitochondria make energy for the cell. Mitochondria are called the 'powerhouse' of the cell.
This expanding and contracting organelle stores water, nutrients and wastes.
These organelles break down glucose to supply the cell with energy.
This organelle is the control center of the cell. It contains chromosomes and DNA.
Located in the nucleus, this organelle is made up of RNA and protein.
cell membrane
This enclosing structure holds the cell together and controls what moves into and out of the cell.
endoplasmic reticulum
These structures are passageways from the nucleus that transport proteins through the cell.
This small round organelle is involved in digestion.
This substance contains all the living material in the cell.
Plant cell: This is a structure that contains chlorophyll, giving the plant its green color, and traps energy from sunlight.
Plant cell: This is a substance that fills most of the cell outside of the nucleus and contains the other organelles.
cell wall
Plant cell: This is the tough, nonliving outer layer of each plant cell. It gives the cell shape, strength, and support.
Plant cell: This is ANY tiny structure in the cytoplasm of the cell that performs a special job.
cell membrane
Plant cell: This is a layer that holds the parts of the cell together and controls movement of materials into and out of the cell.
one mitochondrion, two or ten mitochondria
::::: This is a structure where food and oxygen react to release energy.
This is a organelle that puts together proteins for the cell.
endoplasmic reticulum
This is a structure that moves material throughout the cell.