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System in which a group of tough tissues that make your body parts move.
muscular system
The action that your muscle does when it tightens or becomes shorter.
Kind of muscles that move food through the digestive system.
smooth muscles.
Kind of muscle which is only found in the heart.
cardiac muscle
The action that your muscle does when it stretches and lengthens.
System in which organs change food into nutrients for the cells to use.
digestive system
The organ in which most of the digestion takes place.
small intestine
The act of removing liquid wastes from the body.
The substance containing enzymes that start the digestion of foods.
The large intestine.
A group of cells or an organ, that releases a chemical substance.
The master gland.
pituitary gland
A muscle cramp can be relieved by
massaing the muscle

stretching the muscle

applying heat to the muscle
The muscle tissue in which we have complete control over?
Liquid waste is stored in what organ of the body before being excreted?
The primary job of the hormones in your endocrine system is to
regulate body functions
The adrenal gland helps your body respond to
Your adrenal gland releases the hormone
Which gland is located at the base of the brains?
pituitary gland
In the digestive system flow chart, what comes after the esophagus?
he pancreas is part of the endocrine system as well as the
digestive system
What are the 3 forms that waste come in?
solids, liquids, and gases
There are over ______ muscles in the human body.
What movement does the tricep allow you to perform?
straightens arm at the elbow
What movement does the pectoralis major allow your body to perform?
move are across body and chest
Pain and swelling in a muscle that occurs from a muscle being overstretched is what type of muscle injury?
strained muscle
Responsibilities your muscles have in your body
moves bones

pump blood

move food through digestive system

controlling air in and out to the lungs