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Where were women (mainly) accused of witchcraft?
In Salem, Baltimore, and Charleston
How did people execute the "witches?"
1.The whole town crushed the person by putting large rocks on them until they were crushed (this way everyone could participate)
2.Hung them
What are the: New England Colonies, the middle colonies, and the southern colonies? What do they become?
New England-Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island
Middle-New York, New Jersey, PA, Delaware
Southern-Maryland, Virginia, Carolinas (Both north and south combined), Georgia
-they become the 13 colonies
Middle Colonies-How are they founded?
They are founded by each other
Colony of New York:
-was originally Dutch
-named New Netherlands bu Dutch
-New York-named for Duke of York:
-British Amry-defeats Dutch
-no shots fired
-1t brought slaves to NY
-slaves were not free to go, they had some say in government, and when not working for their master, they could work for themselves
New Jersey:
-part of New Netherlands
-Duke of York owes Earl of Jersey money so he gives him land
private people run things in th colony (propritory colony)
-basically, NY creates NJ
Who was William Penn?
-a quaker
didn't beleive in violence
-creates Pennsylvania-means "brotherly love"
Mayland- founder-->Lord Baltimore
-Catholcs came (NOT PURITANS)
-only colony ht's founded as a Catholic colony
King Oclefort-->brought prisoners (debters-people who owed money)