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entire way of life of a group of people
government & control people have over the government
the production, distribution & consumption of goods & services
study of people, their enivronments & resources
study of human beings
study of the mind & behavior
accounts of what has happened in the lioves of other people
relationships between people in different cultures
practice of worship of god
form of expression using
form or style of verbal expression
relationship of humans in a culture
political science
study of government
traditions in a culture
primary source

secondary source
1* - original source, first hand
2* - not original source, 2nd hand info
primary document

secondary document
1* doc. - original doc

2* doc - copy of original doc
Early Migration - how did they get to North America?
Land Bridge Theory - believed to have crossed over one large piece of land - the Bering Sea
Aztecs, Incas, Maya
describe their cultural advances
Aztecs:365 day calendar,math,
Incas: farmers & engineers
Maya: books, calendar
What were the cultural patterns of the Iroquios society?
How is the Iroquois society similar or different to the ALgonquin society?
Iroquois =chief succ govt
=hated algonquis

SAME: both in NYS
good farmers, envirom.

Algonquins = patriarchy govt
= hated iroquios
What were the causes & results of exploration?
Causes: In hope to find the spice islands

Results: spain became world dominating power, land claims were made in the new world, native american population rapidly decreased
economic theory that a nations strength would increase if trade was expanded & its gold supply increased
How was NY settled?
-Dutch at first- New Amsterdam
-After French and Indian war, all of French land given up
-Europe got New Amsterdam
-Gave it to the Duke of York
-That is how it got its name
Where did Spain, France & England settle the new world?
Spain- California, most islands in the carribean, Florida, Mexico, 80% of S. America excluding Brazil

England- Maine to Georiga

France- Canada, land above St. Lawerence and Great Lakes, New France, Louisanna Territory, along the Mississippi River
What were the major products of the New England?
grain, cattle, fish, lummber, whales, furs, ships, iron, rum
What were the major products of the Middle colonies?
grain, cattle, fish, lummber, rum, iron
What were the major products of the Southern colonies?
rice, indigo, cattle, grain, tobacco, fish, lummber, iron, rum
French & Indian War

What were the causes & results of the French & Indian war?
Causes- Spanish threats
-French threats
-conflicts Ohio River Valley

Results-native americans chose sides, British win, French power ended in N America
French & Indian War

On which side did the natives americans fight?
Iroquois fought with England

Algonquins fought with France
American Revolution

Stamp Act
law that taxed legal documents such as newspapers, dice, cards
American Revolution

Boston Massacre
shooting of 5 Bostonians by British soilders on March 5, 1770 after verbal insults from the colonist
American Revolution

Tea Act
law the taxed tea
American Revolution

Intolerable Acts
law to punish the results of the Boston Tea Party
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?
ensure equal rights, gain independence from Britain, & list the British wrongs
What were the key ideas included?
British wrongs, everybody should have equal rights, all taxes removed and they would be an independent nation
What were the key battles of the American Revolution?
Bunker Hill Saratoga
York Town Lexington
Concord Valley Forge
Explain foreign involvement in the war:
France allied with the patriots (people who supported independence)
Results of the American Revolution:
Patriots had divised a plan which cornered Gen Corwallis in Chesapeak Bay & in Yorktown is where the Gerneral surrendered to the patriots. Treay of Paris is signed, the patriots & Americans are an independent nation & all taxes are removed.
What were the weeknesses & strenghts of the Articles of Confederation?
WEEKNESSES- each state had to make their own money, inflation, no executive of juducial branch
STRENGTHS:they had to act independently, only state could regulate trade w/other states
Constitutional convention compromises
Declaraton of Independence
Bill of Rights
Key principles of the constitution

Checks & Balances
system set up by the constitution in which each branch of federal govt has the power to check or control the action of other branches
Seperation of Powers
(3 Branches and what do they do)
Legislative - law making
Executive - Carries out laws
Judicial - Fed Court system
Division of power between the states and national govt
The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to...
ensure that everyone had equal rights
What are some similatities between the US government and the NYS government?
both have Supreme Court
both help enforce laws
both have power to make laws
What were G. Washington's goals & precedents?
Goals: set precedent, set-up cabinet, set-up federal court system
Precedent:no 3rd term in office, set up cabinet, federal court system
In Marbury v Madison, the Supreme Court established judicial review...what is it? pg.270
What were the differences between the Federalist & Republican parties?

How did the Lousiana Purchase change the U.S.?
doubled the size
cost a lot of $$$
stronger now
How did the American's way of life change in the 1800s (industrial revolution)
machinery replaced hand tools, economies shifted from farming to manufacturing, new tech.
What was the Monroe Doctrine?
a foreign policy that stated that the US will not interfere with the affairs of European nations/colonies in the Americas and they awrned the European not to interfere w/ Latin America
Why go to the West?
gold in California also more jobs
What was the Manifest Destiny?
a belief that the US had the right to extend its borders from the Pacific to the Atlantic
What was the major impact of the Erie Canal?
cheaper & faster transportation, also for goods
What were the key issues associated with Andrew Jackson's presidency?
Formed a kitchen cabinet, vetoed and closed the national bank
person opposed to slavery
womens rights movement
call for women to be able to have the right to vote
movement to ban the slae and use of alcohol
Causes of the Civil War...
Advantages of the Civil War
North -

North: could manufacture goods, more RRs, more food

South: military school, food
skill with weapons
Results of the Civil War...
Slavery ended, south came back to the union, the north won, Lincoln proved himself a strong president