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Altitude alerting inhibited when...
Wing flaps are 25 or greater or while glideslope is captured.
Warning systems priority
1. GPWS Windshear
2. PWS Warnings
3. PWS Cautions
4. Terrain Warnings
PWS enabled when...
Generates cautions and warnings when...
below 2300' RA
below 1200' RA
When is PWS operative?
PWS switch on wx rad control panel must be on. It is activated when:
There is engine oil pressure (either engine) and a transponder is selected on.
Airspeed is >60kts and altitude is below 2300'RA
weather radar is transmitting
PWS inhibited on takeoff when:
new caution alerts between 80kts and 400'RA
new warning alerts between 100kts and 50'RA.
Inhibits do not remove cautions/warnings achieved before inhibit airspeed
PWS inhibited on approach to landing when:
new cautions below 400' RA and new warnings below 50' RA
PWS Caution Description
windshear detected between .5 NM and 3 NM forward and 25 deg L/R of mag hdg.
PWS Warning Description (Takeoff)
windshear detected between .5 NM and3 NM (1.5 airborne) forward and .25NM L/R of mag hdg.
PWS Warning Description (Landing)
windshear detected between .5 and 1.5 NM forward and .25 NM L/R of mag hdg. 1.5 range begins to decrease at 370' AGL until .5 NM and warnings are prohibited at 50'AGL
PWS can't necessarily detect...
-closer than 10 seconds
-very dry microbursts
-other forms like gust fronts
Inputs to Stall Warning System (7)
AOA vanes
Flap position
N1 and N2
air/ground sensor
leading edge flaps
Takeoff Warning Horn sounds when (5)...
-STAB TRIM is not in TAKE-OFF range (green band)
-SPEED BRAKE lever is not in DOWN detent
-Trailing edge flaps are not in the takeoff range (1 through 15)
-Leading edge flaps are not extended
-Parking Brake is set
Takeoff warning horn is same as...
Horn that sounds when cabin pressure reaches 10,000'
TCAS range changes in Normal, Dense and Extremely Dense traffic areas
TCAS number of intruders tracked?
up to 30
Which IRU gives pitch and roll inputs for radar antenna stab?
L IRU (R IRU is backup)
What happens to weather updates if Captain and FO range is set differently?
Occur half as often?
What happens if wx radar autotilt is not available?
Amber NO AUTOTILT on screen. Put switch in manual and msg goes away. Use manual for storm or terrain characteristics.
When amber ALTITUDE ALERT Light illuminated?
900 feet of selected altitude, tone.
Ground Proximity Panel INOP light on?
(some or all GPWS alerts are not available. GPWS alerts which do occur ARE valid)
-GPWS computer malfunction or power loss.
-Invalid inputs received from VHF NAV receiver, air data computer, or radio altimiter, IRS, FMC, stall warning systems or EFIS control panel.
-SYS TEST button (on panel) has been pressed
Ground Proximity Panel SYS TEST button does what?
-causes BELOW G/S, PULL UP, and INOP lights to illuminate, "GLIDESLOPE, PULL UP" and windshear aurals to sound and windsear alert on EADI to illuminate. Terrain aural sounds, and if WxR/TERR selected on EFIS, get a EGPWS terrain test grid display.
When is Ground Prox SYS TEST inhibited?
Between liftoff and 1000' RA or with landing flaps SELECTED.
What does red PULL UP warning light indicate?
-excessive descent rate
-excessive terrain closure rate
-altitude loss after t/o or g/a
-unsafe terrain clearance when not in landing configuration
What does BELOW G/S amber alert light indicate?
-airplane more than 1.3 dots below gs
-inhibits or cancels below glideslope alerting if pushed when below 1000' RA
1Rearmed by climbing above 1000' RA.
FLT CONT Annunciator Light caused by?
Caution on flight control panel:
-LOW QUANTITY (standby hydraulic)
-LOW PRESSURE (A or B flight control and/or standby hudraulic)
-FEEL DIFF PRESS (elevator feel system)
-SPEED TRIM FAIL (dual channel)
-MACH TRIM FAIL (dual channel)
-AUTO SLAT FAIL (dual channel)
(single channel will illuminate FLT CONT when panel is recalled, but MCL press will ext light with only single channel failure)
IRS annunciator light indicates?
Caution condition exists on IRS panel:
FUEL annunciator light indicates?
-FWD and AFT fuel pump LOW PRESSURE lights for tank 1 or 2
-LEFT and RIGHT center tank fuel pump LOW PRESSURE lights with both pump switches ON.
-one center tank fuel pump LOW PRESSURE light on with only one pump switch on.
FUEL annunciator light when panel is recalled means?
-FWD or AFT fuel pump LOW PRESSURE light on for tank 1 or 2.
-One center tank fuel pump LOW PRESSURE light illuminated with both center tank switches ON
-one center tank switch OFF, one ON
ELEC Annunciator Light?
APU annunciator Light
OVHT/DET Annunciator Light DOES NOT go on if:
-amber engine FAULT
REVERSER light causes ENG annunciator light if?
REVERSER light on longer than 12 seconds...
HYD panel OVERHEAT light refers to what condition?
Overheat of Electric pump.
HYD panel LOW PRESSURE light indicates?
Low pump output either engine driven or electric pump.
OVERHEAD annunciator light?
-OFF (flight recorder)
-OFF (equip cooling exhaust and supply fans (2))
-NOT ARMED (emergency exit lights)
AIR COND Annunciator light?
-Duct Overheat
-Dual Bleed
-Back Trip OFF
-Wing-Body Overheat
-Bleed Trip Off
-Auto fail
-off sched descent
3 conditions cause PWS OFF light to illuminate?
-Switch is off
-System is inop
-PWS test
3 things TEST on Wx Radar does:
-normal test pattern
-initiates auto self test
-PWS test
WX postion does what?
180 degrees of weather
WX/TURB position provides what?
180 degree display of turbulence and weather out to 40NM and then weather beyond 40NM
What does wx radar GAIN Control Switch do?
Does not affect PWS or Turbulence display.
AUTO: normal operations 0-320NM
MAX: max reflectivity out to 40NM
Enables PWS ground to 2300. Warnings and cautions enabled below 1200'RA
When is STALL WARNING TEST inhibited?
In the air.
Magic numbers for Above/N/Below settings for TCAS?
2700, 9900
How get failed systems list for TCAS?
Turn mode selector to TEST, and hold it. Can release it for test sequence, but hold it to see failed components. Only on ground.
When do you have to follow an RA? When is it cancelled?
Within 5 seconds. When 300 to 900 feet vertical separation achieved.
At what altitude does GPWS begin to monitor for hazardous flight path conditions?
Best range for terrain avoidance?
Situtations when pop up terrain won't display:
-WXR/TERR OFF (alerts and lights still on)
-Other pilot has manually selected TERR, non sel pilot will not get the pop up on his screen.
Altitude Alert disabled when?
-Glideslope captured OR
-flaps > 25