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Altimeters set ____ inches/Hpa
Altimeters set ____ inches
Altimeters set ____ Inches, DA _____ BARO
1000 feet, instruments crosschecked
RWY ____, cleared to land
Glideslope Capture
Set touchdown zone elevation
500 feet
Final Flaps ____
(200) Approaching decision altitude (DH)
No response
Decision Altitude (Decision Height)
Landing or Going Around
TOGA Chant
Going Around
Thrust Set
Set Flaps 15
Positive Rate, Gear Up
Set missed approach altitude
Altitude Acquire
Set speed 210
80 knots, thrust set
thr hold
positive climb
gear up
400' takeoff
800' takeoff
nose over, 210, flaps, VNAV
1000' takeoff
autopilot on
3000' takeoff
250, after takeoff checklist
10000' climbout
select econ climb
Downwind Approach
Base leg to final
Dog leg to final
5 mi final or GS alive
Gear down, final descent checklist. 150, F15
3 mi final or 1 dot high on GS
Set flaps 30, bug speed
Cleared for the approach
.3 miles in front of descent
Lead descent
Below 1500 feet Autoland
Flare armed
50 feet RA autoland
Flare engaged
Engine Failure on approach before 500'
Power-up (think middle bug)
Flaps-up 15
PItch-higher then 5 when stable
Bug in Bug out
GPWS flap inhibit
Declare an emergency
Engine Failure on approach below 500'
Power up to maintain target
Go-around after engine failure on final
Flaps 15 speed F15+5 middle bug
Once have F15+5, execute single engine missed
Engine Failure during two engine go around
Disconnect autopilot
Toga, Max Go Around Thrust
Ensure Gear up
Maintain F15 until safe altitude
Go around instructions above or below 200'?
T procedure vs. Missed approach