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Ops are prohibited when braking action is?
Max altitude for t.o. and landing?
Max operating alt?
Max rwy slope?
2 degrees
Max taxi weight? (2)
300: 131k
500: 123.5k
Max t.o. weight? (2)
300: 130k
500: 122.5k
Max landing weight? (2)
300: 114k
500: 110k
Max ZFW? (2)
300: 105k
500: 102.5k
Do clutter and braking action less than good reduce crosswind speeds?
Yes, see manual for specifics.
VHF 3 allowed for ATC comms w/ ACARS operational?
Which 2 types of C/Bs are pilots prohibited from moving?
Fuel and lav flush motor
Min battery voltage?
24 volts
Max T/R amps w/ cooling?
65 amps
Max T/R amps w/o cooling?
50 amps
CSD max oil temps for:
In + Rise?
20 degrees C
140 degrees C
Eng gen max load?
125 amps
APU gen max load:
125 amps
150 amps
Min escape slide pressure? (2)
2900 psi or green band.
Min oxygen pressure? (2)
Plus what for OMC?
Correction factor?
c/p: 875 psi
portable bottle: 1600
OMC: 375 (1250)
+5 or -2 for every degree > or < 21 degrees C.
Inflight start max EGT, time?
930, momentary
Max takeoff/go-around EGT:
20 sec?
5 min?
930-940 C
930 C
Max continuous EGT?
895 C
When are start switches put to continuous?
TILT: Takeoff, icing, Landing, Turbulence.
When are start switches put to flight?
Precip: Moderate to Heavy
Turbulence: Severe
Oil pressure min?
13 psi
Caution oil pressure?
Valid when?
14-24 psi
t.o. thrust
Normal oil pressure?
25-86 psi
Min oil qty before engine start? (2)
50% or 2.5 gals
Min oil qty in cruise? (2)
25% or 1.5 gals
Min oil qty after shutdown? (2)
60% or 3.0 gals
Max oil temp?
165 C
Caution oil temp?
Max time allowed in this range?
160-165 C
15 min
Normal oil temp?
< 160 C
Engine pneumatic restrictions? (3)
1. No bleed air from one eng to more than 1 pack.
2. No pack and ground conditioned air simultaneously.
3. No high flow during t.o., app & landing.
PMCs in what postion for t.o. or landing?
Both Off or On
Reverse thrust limits? (2)
1. Not in flight.
2. Not for backing up on ground.
Max for N1 and N2?
N1: 106%
N2: 105%
Max APU operating alt?
Max altitude for APU start?
Best altitude for APU start?
<= 25,000'
Max alt for elec load on APU?
Max alt for pneu load on APU?
Max alt for elec and pneu load on APU?
When should the APU not be started during fueling? (2)
1. APU auto shutdown
2. APU failed start
Min fuel in #1 tank for operating APU?
350 pounds
Only time a dual bleed situation is allowed?
During start.
When is it okay to have APU air and ground pneumatic air operating at the same time?
With the isolation valve closed.
Only power setting allowed when DUAL BLEED light on?
How long must we wait to turn APU bleed air on after APU start?
1 min
Max # of packs operating off APU air?
APU start cycle?
Time off between first 3 attemps: 2 min.
After 3rd try: 30 min.
Gs allowed clean?
Flaps and slats out?
Clean: 2.5 to -1.0
Flaps: 2.0 to 0
No speed brakes below what altitude when during IMC? VMC?
IMC: Lower of FAF or 1500'
VMC: 1000'
Min A/S for speed brakes w/ flaps up?
200 KIAS
Max diff between Capt & F/O's altimeters at SL? 5K'? 10K'?
SL: 40'
5K': 45'
10K': 50'
Max diff between altimeter and known elevation?
Max allowable inflight diff between Capt & F/O altimeters for RVSM?
What must operate for cargo to be carried in a cargo compartment?
The fire detection/protection system
Must land w/in how minutes if BTL 1 has been activated in a cargo compartment?
60 min
Min fire bottle pressure for eng? APU?
760 psi
540 psi
+ or - 8 psi per 1 degree > < 21 C.
Center fuel switches must be off unless?
Personnel in c/p to monitor the LOW PRESSURE lights.
Max fuel imbalance?
1000 lbs
Main fuel tanks must be what if more than 1000 lbs in center tank?
Wing fuel tank capacity?
Wing: 10.6
Center: 16.4
Max and min fuel temp?
+49, -37 C
Do what if fuel is too cold?
Change to a warmer altitude.
What displays fuel temp if gauge is inop?
Which 2 fuels are prohibited?
Jet B & JP-4.
Fuel from which tank must be used first?
Two eng taxi fuel/minute?
per hour?
28 lbs/min
1680 lbs/hr
APU fuel/hr powering both air and electricity?
260 lbs/hr
Min fuel in main tank to cool electric hydraulic pumps?
1675 lbs
Eng anti-ice may be off during which phases of flight and below which temp when icing conditions exist?
Climb and cruise.
-40 C SAT
Is it permissable to operate eng anti-ice > 10 C OAT on ground or TAT in flight?
What could happen if the use of eng anti-ice is delayed?
Severe engine damage.
When must windshield air be on?
When windshield heat is inop at L1, L2, R1 or R2.
Wing anti-ice must be off above which temp?
+10 C
Okay to use APU bleed air for wing anti-ice?
Okay to apply anti-ice to only one wing?
What must be considered after a rejected takeoff?
If time > 61 minutes?
Brake cooling time.
See FM Limits for list of requirements.
Accumulator brakes provides how many brake applications?
Min tire pressure: Nose? Main?
Nose: 180 psi
Main: 190 psi
+ or - 1 psi per degree > < 70 F.
Autoland 3 considerations?
1. Not overweight.
2. Flaps 30 or 40 w/ 2 engs.
3. Glideslope angles 2.5 to 3.25 degrees.
What is prohibited when A/P engaged?
Aileron trim
Do not engage A/P when which 2 switches aren't in normal?
A/T not allowed when?
Severe turbulence
What must be on when using LNAV or referencing the MAP display for nav?
1 VHF nav radio in auto.
What must be on for RNAV departures and arrivals?
Both VHF nav radios in auto.
Are approaches with RNAV in the title authorized?
Latest point in flight that LNAV can be used?
How many pilots must monitor which nav aids where throughout entire app for: ILS, LOC, LDA, B/CRS, SDF?
2. VOR?
1. One, LOC & (G/S) on EADI & SAI.
2. One, VOR CDI on EHSI full or expanded.
3. One, DME on RDMI or EHSI.
One pilot must monitor raw data during what?
Are FMC fuel and range values FAA certified?
If DME is to be used during an approach, one of two things must be done prior?
1. Aural station ID
2. Compare left and right DMEs
Which type of app isn't authorized?
When can NDB nav be used?
1. MAP
2. Enroute and terminal area nav
Max cabin alt pressurized or unpressurized?
Max cabin pressurization differential for takeoff and landing?
.125 psi
Max cabin pressurization differential?
8.65 psi
When must the TERR OVRD sw be selected to OVRD?
If FMC posit hasn't been verifed w/in 5 mins prior to takeoff or verified w/ actual rwy position.
Can we deviate from ATC clearance to comply with EGPWS alert?
EGPWS must be inhibited when?
Departing from or arriving w/in 15 NM of an airport that's not in the EGPWS database. ID'd by NOTAM.
What type of app requires EGPWS?
Nonprecision in wx < 800/2
Regarding windshear, when is takeoff prohibited?
PWS Alert below V1.
Are we authorized to deviate from ATC clearance to comply with a TCAS alert?
When can we not operate the radar on the ground? (2)
1. People within 15'
2. Fueling or Defueling
Max flap speeds? (8)
1 220
2 220
5 215
10 200
15 185
25 180
30 175
40 148
Max speed with any LED not retracted?
Landing gear speeds? (3)
Extension: 270
Retraction: 235/.82
Extended: 320/.82
Max tire groundspeed?
196 kts
Max speed below 10,000' with window heat inop?
APU fuel/hr powering just electricity?
170 lbs/hr