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Normal brake system powered by?
Hyd B
Describe from feet to brakes on...
-Depress Brake Pedal
-Rotates cable system
-opens normal brake metering valve
-pressure thru antiskid valves
-brakes on
What can happen if you step on the brakes in flight
High amplitude airframe vibration w/ rudder pedal oscillations (hyd chatter btwn metering vlvs and antiskid vlvs). Fun!
Alternate brake system powered by?
Hyd A
How does it switch from B to A?
When B press is low, an alternate brake selector valve opens to supply sys A pressure to alt. brake system
What is not available with autobrakes?
-locked wheel protection
-touchdown protection
(antiskid is available)
When is antiskid deactivated?
Below approx 7 knots taxi speed.
Describe locked wheel protection.
Compares inboard to inboard and outboard to outboard. If paired wheel drops below 40% of mate, slower wheel gets release brake signal. Disarmed below 18 knots for taxi turns.
Describe touchdown protection.
Prevents brake app before touchdown and spinup. Sends release signal to antiskid valve when air/ground safety sensor is in air.
Alternate antiskid?
Only two antiskid valves, one for each pair of brakes on each gear. Disabled
What are the functions of the brake accumulator?
-dampens press fluxes
-ensures instantaneous flow of fluid to brakes
-stores hyd fluid under pressure
If you lose system B pressure, how is accumulator protected?
One way check valves and if B is lost, system A closes accumulator isolation valve.
If you lose both A and B, what happens with the accumulator?
The isolation valve held closed by A pressure, opens, and fluid is available to the normal brake lines. About 6 apps.
How should brakes be applied on accumulator only pressure?
Steady pressure, no pumping or modulating.
The accumulator uses normal brake lines, what does this mean?
All protections w/ normal antiskid are available. You can also set the parking brake.
Since normal antiskid is available on accumulator brakes, can you autobrake too?
No, autobrake uses B pressure upstream of the accumulator check valves and is not available on accumulator only braking.
What conditions must be met to arm the autobrake system?
-air mode
-ANTISKID control switch ON
When does the autobrake system self-check? What happens if the self test fails?
When a deceleration rate is selected. AUTO BRAKE DISARM light above the AUTO BRAKE select switch.
Ways to disarm autobrake system (4):
-manual brake pressure for 3 seconds or more
-speed brake lever to DOWN detent manually
-Advancing one or both throttles
-switch to off (other decel rates does not disarm)
Of the four ways to disarm autobrakes, which two provide for gradual release of brake pressure?
manual brake application or manually moving speed brake lever
4 conditions to arm RTO on autobrakes:
-on ground
-ANTISKID control switch ON and antiskid operational
-WSS<60 knots
-both throttles at idle
Describe 3 parts of takeoff and RTO autobrakes reaction to them.
WSS<60kts: system is not yet armed
WSS 60-90kts: IAS could be higher due to HW, AUTO BRAKE DISARM light illuminates, autobraking will not occur.
WSS>90kts: brakes auto on when throttles are retarded to idle
Is RTO a deceleration rate?
NO. Full 3000 psi will be applied to brakes regardless of thrust reverser and speed brake usage. No off ramp time either.
Disarming RTO vs. deceleration rates?
2 seconds brake application for RTO, 3 for decel rates, all methods otherwise same.
If takeoff is continued instead of rejected, what happens to RTO?
RTO mode is auto disarmed upon right strut extension, BUT AUTO BRAKE DISARM light does not come on.
What happens if you land with RTO still selected?
It is disarmed, no light comes on, no autobraking occurs, and then the AUTO BRAKE DISARM light comes on 2 minutes after landing.
How reset autobrake system?
Switch to OFF, then back on again.
Is parking brake light on a sign it is working?
No, it merely signals linkage position.
Name systems that can operate parking brake.
Give a brief description of the parking brake operation.
Closes a shutoff valve in the hyd B return line, blocking the return flow from the antiskid valves.
Sensors for gear?
Main gear: gear down-lock sensor
Nose gear: gear down and gear lock sensors
What things are sensed by the red gear lights?
-down/lock sensors
-throttle (idle) sensors
-gear uplock sensors
-landing gear lever position sensors
When do the red gear lights come on?
-lever not down and gear not up and locked
-gear not down and locked and lever not down
-gear not down and locked and either throttle is near idle
Where are the landing gear viewports?
Nose: in cockpit just fwd of the door
Mains: left of the aisle, three windows aft of overwing exit. Yellow tab in carpet left of the emergency escape path lighting.
Gear horn warning with different flap conditions, and is it silenceable?
Flaps 1-10: 1/2 throttles near idle, yes
Flaps 15: 1/2 throttles near idle, yes if one throttle is advanced
Flaps>15: horn on regardless of throttle posn, no
If you lose engine 1 on takeoff (Hyd A) how do you retract the gear?
LGTU (triggered via N2) uses hyd B.
What if you just lose Hyd A?
LGTU not triggered b/c elec pump still outputs 3000psi, however volume is not enough to raise gear.
what happens to the LGTU if no. 1 N2 tach generator fails?
LGTU is inoperative. Can be recognized by the failure of the no. 1 engine N2 failure or failure of No. 1 engine cutout.
When is manual gear extension necessary?
Hyd A fails or all of LG do not extend using normal means.
What is the design force to manually release gear? Is this what it will take?
45 lbs, but it could take a lot more.
Describe operation of the solenoid lock.
If a/c is in ground mode, solenoid lock prevents raising of landing gear handle.
How can you tell the difference between solenoid lock failure and ground shift failure?
Flaps up before gear, horn comes on...
Primary Hyd for NWS?
Hyd A
When is NWS available?
Hyd A Power and Nose gear strut compressed.
NWS side to side?
Pedals 7, handle 78 degrees either way
In order to have rudder pedal steering?
AC and DC electrical power and hydraulic power.
In order to have NWS from the handle?
Hyd power only.
How is NWS input transmitted?
Cables to a steering metering valve. 3000psi to actuators.
Alternate NWS?
Some airplanes, NOSE WHEEL STEERING to ALT provides sys B hyd to NWS actuators through the LGTU
How do you avoid losing hyd B (alt NWS) in event leak is downstream of LGTU?
A sensor closes the LGTU transfer valve. NWS n/a.
NWS steering bypass pin does what?
Its in the depressurization valve for pushback and towing. You can start #1 without risk of injury or damage. Remove prior to taxi.
What can cause ANTISKID INOP light? (3)
-system faul
-power lost to inboard and outboard a/s
-ANTISKID control switch is OFF
(light disarmed w/gear lever up)
What happens if ANTISKID control switch is turned off?
-ANTISKID INOP light illumminats
-SPEED BRAKE DO NOT ARM light if s/b lever moved to ARMED or aft of ARMED
-RTO selected and 2 second bit in prog
-Failed bit w/ decel or RTO selected
-autobrake malfunction
-Pilot manually disarmed system (3 ways)
-RTO btwn 60-90 kts and no autobraking will occur
-Landing w/RTO selected
-ANTISKID control switch is off
What is max brake pressure?
3500 psi
When you pull the landing gear manual extension handles, where must the gear handle be?
Gear handle must be in OFF position.
What is the difference between nose and main gear manual extension handle distance?
Nose: 8 inches
Mains: 18 inches
How do you light the visual inspection windows for the nose and main gear?
WHEEL WELL light switch on the forward overhead panel.
What if the parking brake is set, but system B pressure is low? What if it is 1000psi?
If it is merely low, you can pressurize B for a moment, you don't have to reset parking brake. If it is 1000, it is at precharge and brake is not considered set.
Why does the main gear have to caster 3 degrees?
Because there are no rudder inputs to the autopilot.
When is the locked wheel protection disabled and why?
Below 18 knots so you can make tight turns.
Where do the three green landing gear lights receive their power from?
Landing gear lock and position sensors. They come on when the sensors are triggered.
What is final, red or green?
Green, if there are red too, it is most likely due to a malfunction in the gear handle sensor.