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2 purposes of windshield heat?
Increase impact strength and prevent fog and ice buildup.
Where does the air for anti fog and defog for the windshield come from?
Air conditioning mix manifold (w/ individual L/R controls)
What windows are unheated?
5th window on either side, aft of the side windows (#3).
How prevent overheating of the drain masts on the ground?
Lower voltage used on the ground; fnx of the air/ground sensor, but does not apply to toilet service panel drains.
Does engine BLEED switch have to be on for cowl anti-ice to work?
No, engine cowl anti-ice valve is upstream of the engine bleed air valve.
What is total fuel burn increase with engine anti-ice on?
150 pounds per hour
Before and during use of engine anti-ice, what should you do?
Turn ignition on.
Describe operation of cowl a/i valve (3).
-ENG ANTI-ICE switch to ON opens valve
-DC-controlled and pressure-actuated
-fail closed
Blue COWL VALVE OPEN light means?
Amber COWL ANTI-ICE light means?
-monitors position of the cowl a/i valve.
-excessive temp and/or press in the duct dwnstrm of the cowl a/i valve.
Where are the leading edge ice detection bands located? Are they required for flight during icing?
Inboard portions of #1 and #6 leading edge slats (flat black paint). No.
What pitot-static devices are heated and unheated?
Heated: capt, f/o, elevator pitot static probes; temperature probe, and Alpha vanes
Unheated: alternate static ports
Can you use WAI on the ground?
Only to test, otherwise, it is used in flight.
Are the leading edge flaps heated?
No, only the leading edge slats are heated.
Where does the air come from for WAI?
pneumatic manifold, therefore the engine BLEED air switches must be ON to use WAI.
What is the restriction if only one engine bleed is available for WAI?
Wings must be deiced evenly, so ISOLATION VALVE must be OPEN.
What is the increased fuel burn for engine and wing anti ice on?
400 lbs per hour total
How are the WAI valves operated? What happens if transfer bus 1 loses power?
AC motor driven open and closed. Valves fail in position.
What prevents WAI operation on ground (besides test mode)?
Air/ground sensor.
What is the design consideration for the DC powered windshield wipers? When shouldn't you use them?
Ensures visibility on at least one side if a generator fails. Dry windshield. Duh.
3 conditions of the (WAI) L and R VALVE OPEN lights(blue).
Dim: WAI valve is open and switch is either ON (in flight) or GRD TEST (ground).
Bright: WAI valve and switch are not in agreement or valve is in transit
Off: valve is closed and switch is off
COWL VALVE OPEN lights (blue)?
Bright: transition or not in agreement
Dim: switch on, valve open
off: Switch off, valve closed
Windshield heat OVERHEAT lights indicate what?
Either a power loss or an overheat, resulting in auto loss of electrical power to respective window.
How do you reset windshield heat?
Turn WINDOW HEAT switch OFF for 2-5 minutes, then turn back on.
When window heat is first energized, how is the heat applied to the windows?
Ramp function to fwd and side windows so it increases gradually from zero to full power in, about 3 minutes.
How can you apply full power to the windows at start up.
Turn switch off then on again within 5 seconds, this applies full power.
What if it's hot out, what might you see?
Green lights cycling or even off.
Is it a good idea to apply full window heat?
Not in very cold or fogging windows.
Describe usage of WINDOW HEAT test switch.
Use only on a window that has the WINDOW HEAT switch ON and associated ON light extinguished. If the ON light comes on during a PWR test, ops normal.
What are the power sources for the fwd window heat?
Respective generator busses. Side is offside generator bus.
What monitors power to the windows?
OVERHEAT and ON lights. No power monitoring for the eyebrow panels.
Place the WAI switch to GROUND TEST, what happens?
Opens both valves on the ground only. Shut automatically if probes detect an overheat. Probes disabled in flight.