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Four air sources of air for start
Bottle, cart, crossbleed, APU
When is engine start lever advanced to IDLE detent?
N1 indicating and N2 is around 25%. But if 25% cannot be achieved, 20% is ok if engine is max motoring (less than 1% in 5 seconds)
What does advancing the fuel lever during start do?
Opens fuel valve at the tank and MEC valve at the engine.
What happens at 46% during start (cutout).
-ENGINE START switch holding solenoid power is interrupted,
-switch automatically returns to off
-start valve closes
-rapid rise in duct pressure
What happens if engine shutdown is required before starter cutout?
ENGINE START switch does not automatically return to the off position.
How low do you have to let N2 get before you re-engage starter?
Below 20% to avoid shock loading the starter
Where does 46% auto cutout get its info from? What do you have to do if it doesn't cut out?
N2 tach generator. Manually position ENGINE START switch to off to close the start valve.
How is the engine oil pressure regulated?
It's not, it's a function of N2.
What N1 is Low Idle? High?
22% 32%
Oil tank capacity?
4.3 gallons
What airplanes does the bleed air valve close when the start valve open?
some 300's, all 500's
How many igniters in each engine?
2 in each.
Left ignitors powered by? Right?
AC transfer bus. AC standby bus.
When does GRD position start ignitors?
When start lever is moved to IDLE.
FLT position of ignitor selector does what?
Ignores position of ignition select switch and puts both ignitors on in the engine.
What controls the tank fuel valve?
Fire handle and engine start lever.
When is FUEL VALVE CLOSED light bright?
in transit or in disagreement with the start lever or the fire handle.
Fuel sequence to second stage filter?
Tank valve, 1st stage engine pump, fuel oil heat exchanger, filter, second stage, filter, divided
What does divide fuel do?
Some goes directly to MEC, some goes through a fuel heater (clean out ice crystals) and then the MEC.
Describe fuel heat.
Automatic and Continuous
MEC inputs? (5)
-Throttle angle
-fan inlet temperature and pressure
-N1 and N2.
Fuel sequence from MEC?
MEC valve to fuel nozzles.
Where is fuel flow measured?
Downstream of MEC valve.
Oil path from bottom of tank?
engine driven oil pump, filter, two pressure sensors (OIL PRESS, LOW OIL PRESSURE light), lube, scavenge pumps, scavenge filter, temp sensor (OIL TEMP), fuel oil heat exchanger, tank return line.
What can happen to oil pressure at low power settings?
Can be in yellow band.
When does PMC provide limited electronic overrride to the MEC?
At and above 46% N2.
What does PMC monitor?
Throttle angle, fan inlet temperature and fan inlet pressure.
What happens if a PMC fails?
PMC schedules a slow N1 drift over 30 seconds and causes PMC INOP light to go on (which causes MCL and ENG lights to illuminate)
What kind of power is required for engines to spool to low idle during start?
AC power, battery start will put engine to high idle.
When do engines transition from high to low idle upon touchdown?
Approximately 4 seconds after touchdown (to enhance reverse thrust acceleration and allow engines to remain spooled up in case of GA necessary after touchdown...CAT III).
What hyd system for REV 1? 2? What if primary hyd system fails?
A for left, B for right. Standby hyd system provides operation for that reverser at a reduced rate. Expect asymmetry.
How long does it take normally to deploy/stow reversers?
2.5 seconds
What things do you need for reverser deployment? (5)
-switched hot battery bus (opens isolation valve which is spring loaded closed).
-Respective fire handle down
-Airplane is on the ground or w/in 10' RA
-throttle set idle and reverse lever raised
-hydraulic pressure available
How does auto restow work?
Compares sleeve position and lever position. Auto restow circuit opens isolation valve and commands selector valve to stow.
When does REVERSER UNLOCKED light (amber) illuminate?
When either sleeve sensor detects sleeve not in stowed position.
When does REVERSER light illuminate?
-Reverser sleeves are asymmetrical (one stowed, one not stowed);
-isolation valve and/or selector valve is not in the commanded (reverse thrust lever) position.
-While engine goes into and out of reverse (valves in transit).
-When a reverser has been commanded to stow...disagreement exists for a few seconds so auto stow circuit keeps isolation valve open until reverser is stowed.
When do ENG and MASTER CAUTION lights illuminate in conjunction with REVERSER light?
After 12 seconds of REVERSER light.
What is Throttle/reverse thrust lever lockout mechanism?
Prevents simultaneous movement of thrust reverse levers and throttles.
What is thrust reverse interlock?
Prevents application of engine power above idle when reverser is not in commanded position. Also snatches throttle for uncommanded deployment.
For thrust reverse interlock, what happens to the mechanism while reversers are in movement?
Interlock cams are withdrawn, so when reverser is in transit, movement of throttle or reverse thrust lever is not an absolute indication the thrust reverser sleeves are fully deployed or stowed.
What do thrust reverser sync locks do?
Mechanical locks on the sleeves which are only energized when the thrust reverse lever is engaged (powers sync lock solenoid). Redundancy against inadvertent thrust reverser deployment...
Bad engine vibration is? Normal reading is? What do you do if it is ICE?
Sudden or progressive. 3 or less. Accelerate the engine.
Engine start lever IDLE does what?
Energizes ignition system. Electronically opens fuel valve at the tank, mechanically opens MEC valve.
Amber LOW IDLE light does what?
Indicates one or both engines are at low idle when they should be at high idle. Also will fire up ENG and MCL.
What is maximum breakaway thrust and how is it indicated?
40% N1 and it's indicated by white triangles on N1 gauge.
What happens if any N1, EGT or N2 indicator fails?
Digital display blanks and pointer moves to zero (DC dies).
What happens if FF indicator or transmitter fails?
Display blanks and pointer moves to zero.
What is redline oil pressure?
At or below 13psi.
APU door not shut? How long to shut?
Won't start. 30 seconds. APU start switch
Where does APU suction feed from?
Tank 1 with no pressure.
APU burn?
170 lbs/hr for electrics, 260 lbs/hr for 1 pack and electrics.
How does APU maintain constant speed?
Fuel control unit.
Auto shutdown of APU? (7)
-APU fire
-Battery switch OFF during ground ops
-Electrical fault
-High oil temp
-Low oil pressure
Fire, 2 electrical, 2 oil, 2 overs
How long after shutdown is EGT monitored?
5 minutes
When will OVER SPEED light illuminate?
-APU turbine speed is too high, light stays on requires mechanical reset
-APU start is aborted prior to norm opn speed, will stay on until restart
-Malfunction of overspeed protection system occurs when the APU is at norm operating speed and APU switch is turned OFF. Light goes out after restart, but protection is lost.
APU OFF switch does what? (5)
-Shuts down APU
-Closes inlet door
APU START does what?
Momentary and releases to ON begins the automatic start sequence.
Max Load APU generator inflight? Ground?
125 amps. 150 amps.
Do not start APU during fueling ops following what?
Auto shutdown or failed start (loss of overspeed protection?)
Min fuel in #1 tank for APU operation?
350lbs, may damage fuel control unit.
Max Alt inflight APU start?
Operating Alt?
Where is APU start capability enhanced? Max Alt elect load only?
Max Alt pneumatic load only?
Max Alt electric and pneumatic?
Below 25,000'
When is only time you can operate a dual bleed configuration with APU and engines?
Can you use APU bleed air with ground pneumatic cart or stored air cart?
Not with the isolation valve open.
What if the DUAL BLEED light is illuminated?
Do not exceed idle RPM
APU starter duty cycle?
2 minutes off until 3rd start attempt then 30 minute cooldown required.
When can you bleed APU?
1 minute after start.
Can you bleed APU for a pack and use ground conditioned air?
The engines are rated at 20K of thrust, is there overboost available?
Yes, on all 500's and 300's delivered as 20K aircraft. On 22K 300's, an additional 2K is available as overboost.
If you use more than rated thrust, what must you consider?
May exceed N1 or EGT. In this case, follow appropriate irregular procedure.
If you have an engine failure on the ground, what can happen if you set firewall on good engine?
Loss of directional control.
At max structural, about what aob are you in danger of striking nacelle?
9-13 deg 300
7-14 deg 500
Describe N1 rotor.
1 stage fan w/3 stage booster connected by a through shaft to a 4 stage LPT.
Describe the N2 Rotor.
9 stage axial compressor connected through shaft to a single stage hpt.
What governs compressor?
Speed governed by main engine control (MEC).
What governs Fan?
Rotated by its turbine at the speed required to ensure optimum flow thru the compressor.
What percentage of thrust is generated by Fan?
White triangles on N1 gage are?
40%, breakaway thrust
N1, EGT, N2 round dial failure?
Needle moving to zero and digital display blanking.
EIS-failure of input signal to primary panel? Internal failure?
-lower stops and hold for 2 seconds, then dashes
-panel displays blank
Formal name of the engines?
General Electric CFM56-3C1 high bypass ratio turbofan engines rated at 20,000lbs thrust.
Engine pod has 18 inches of clearance at max structural weight, what AOB will you strike ground with engine?
300: 9-13
500: 7-14
How much thrust does the Fan produce?
What happens at 46 percent on a start?
electric power to the ENGINE START switch's holding solenoid is interrupted, allowing the ENGINE START switch to automatically return to OFF.
What are the L and R igniters powered by?
L: AC transfer
R: AC standby
What does CONT position of the igniters provide?
Continuous ignition from the selected igniters.
What does BOTH position of the igniters provide?
Selects both igniters for use on both engines.
What kind of protections can the PMC offer?
Limited overspeed and overtemp protection, but it should not be relied upon to prevent these conditions.
If system A or B fails, what happens to your reverser?
Available through standby power at a reduced rate.
What does pushing the FUEL USED button do?
Shows total fuel consumed per engine since last reset was accomplished for 10 seconds on both FUEL FLOW indicators
What do dashes on an instrument mean? What do blank instruments mean?
Failure of input.
Internal failure
What is APU priority?
Automatically maintain electrical and reduce or eliminate pneumatic power.
What 3 things does APU switch arm?
Low Oil Pressure
APU Gen Off Bus
What does APU FAULT light indicate?
APU auto shutdown
Always armed, illuminated:
-turbine speed is too high
-APU start is aborted prior to the APU reaching normal operating speed. Light goes out on restart.
-malfunction of the overspeed protection system if at speed and APU switch turned OFF