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What is VHF3 used for? Can it be tuned and t/r like a regular radio?
ACARS. Yes, choose voice mode and tune freq with ACARS touchscreen.
Who do you talk to on the Service Interphone?
Flight attendants, and can also be used for ground personnel.
If ASP/REU system failure, what happens?
REU automatically reverts to the degrade mode.
In ASP/REU degrade mode, what switches work?
Respective MASK/BOOM switch, PTT switch, and EMER switch are operative.
Only things good that happen during REU degrade mode are?
-VHF1/VHF-2 MIC SELECTOR switch lights illuminates automatically.
-VHF1/VHF-2 MIC SELECTOR switch is operative
What bad things happen during an REU/ASP degrade?
No speaker
no hand mic
no volume adjust (earpiece only)
no flight interphone access
INT on control wheel is inop
audio warnings for alt alert, EGPWS and windshear inop
What visual alert in the cabin does the cockpit ATTEND button give?
-Two pink call lights on the forward and aft ceilings illuminate and remain illuminated until reset by a F/A
How many hours does the Flight Recorder keep?
25 hours of airplane operation
When is the Flight Recorder powered?
-On ground with one engine running
-In flight all the time
Fight Recorder panel test switch does?
Turns on flight recorder by applying electrical power when the airplane is on the ground and neither engine is running.
Describe operation of the CVR microphone.
Picks up cockpit area conversations (one of 4 channels) anytime 115VAC is applied to the airplane.
On the external interphone panel, FLIGHT INTERPHONE jack does what?
Connects headset or hand mike to flight interphone system. Normal source of comms for pushback. Don't have to turn SERVICE INTERPHONE switch on overhead panel.