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what are the 4 plexuses?
Cervical - Brachial -Lumbar - Sacral
the roots of the plexuses arise from?
the ventral rami of the spinal nerves
which nerves on the ventral rami don't form plexuses
T2 - T12
T2 - T12 ventral rami innervate
intercostal muscles
T2 - T12 ventral rami help control
cervical plexus arises from
ventral rami of spinal nerves C1 - C4
pair of nerves that innervate the diaphragm
phrenic nerve
phrenic nerve is ____ of nerves that innervate
pair - superior surface of diaphragm
phrenic nerve controls
which spinal nerves contribute to the phrenic nerve
C3 - C4 - C5
the brachial plexus innervates the
brachial plexus roots arise from
ventral rami of spinal nerves C5 - T1
root order of the brachial plexus (5)
roots - trunks - divisions - cords - peripheral nerve
brachial plexus roots arise from ventral rami ____-____
C5- T1
3 brachial plexus trunks
upper - middle - lower
2 brachial plexus divisions
anterior - posterior of each trunk
musculocutaneous nerve innervates
elbow flexors
musculocutaneous nerve function
elbow flexion - supination of forearm
median nerve innervates
lateral flexors of wrist + fingers
median nerve is branches of the ____ and ____ cords
lateral - medial
median nerve function
lateral flexors of wrist - lateral 3.5 fingers
what is the action of the Median nerve
pincer grasp
Patient comes in they lost their ability to pick up a penny with a pincer grasp what nerve do you suspect would be damaged?
median nerve with weakness in flexion of the wrist
ulnar nerve innervates
medial flexors of wrist + fingers
ulnar nerve function
medial flexors of wrist - medial 1.5 fingers
radial nerve innervates
entire dorsal side of arm (triceps, wrist, finger extension)
radial nerve location
deep to "M" - on posterior cord
radial nerve function
elbow - wrist - finger extension
axillary nerve innervates
deltoid - teres minor
axillary nerve function
abduction of arm at shoulder joint
medial pectoral nerve innervates
pectoralis minor + major
medial pectoral nerve function
pulls scapula downward & forward (abduct)
lateral pectoral nerve innervates
pectoralis major
lateral pectoral nerve function
adducts, flexes & medially rotates humerus at shoulder joint
thoracodorsal nerve innervates
latissimus dorsi
thoracodorsal nerve function
extension - medial rotation - adduction of arm at shoulder joint
long thoracic nerve innervates
serratus anterior
long thoracic nerve function
holds scapula against chest
subscapular nerve innervates
subscapularis - teres major
subscapular nerve function
shoulder stability - medial rotation
suprascapular nerve innervates
supraspinatus - infraspinatus
suprascapular nerve function
stabilize shoulder joint