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With an Automatic condenser water regulating valve the line that accuates the valve should be tapped into what?
Refrigerant Lowside
In a "V" type belt driven compressor, if the belts were installed to tightly, after a while, how would it effect the compressor ?
Suction Pressure would Decrease.
When a refirgerant passes through the TEV , the pressure and temperature drops, what causes the temperature to drop?
Evaporation of the refrigerant.
With a condensor temperature of 85 - 95 the head pressure of R-22 will be most nearly ?
Freon-12 and Methly Chloride are similar in what sense?
Vapor densities are the same.
In an operating evaporator the temp of the refrigerant should be ?
At a temp below that of the material being cooled.
Indiscriminate use of parrafin based oil most seriously effects what component?
The Evaporator.
A TEV is attached to a finned evaporator with its bulb attached to the suction line. In normal operation the suction gas will leave this coil at what temp?
5-10 degrees superheat
A squirrel cage induction motor can run at how many speeds?
1 Speed
What refrigerant has the highest "Refrigeration Effect"?