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What kind of proxy is used when com and .net components are consumed and what does it do?
COM Callable wrapper CCW and it handles the marshalling between .NET and COM
What is to obey when to create COM-Enabled assemblies? Name at least 2
1. All classes must use a default constructor with no parameters
2. Abstract Classes will not be able to be consumed
List the steps to export an assembly to COM
1. Compile the source with VS or csc
2. Use the Type Library exporter tool TlbExp.exe to create a *.tlb file
3. Create a resource script a IDL definition
4. Recompile the assembly using the resource file
Where are COM components registered?
Windows Registry
You need to use a structure for a given P/Invoke call. List 3
1. Define the structure in your .NET Code first
2. Use the SizeOf method of the System.Runtime.Marshal class if the size of the structure is needed
3. Use the StructLayout attribute if positioning within the structure is important