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Which type of testing is performed on an entire system?
system testing
Which Visual Studio.NET IDE feature enables you to customize the IDE for developers, so that they can access only certain components or options or access customized dynamic help?
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET Enterprise Templates
How could you minimize the amount of coding required of developers for routine logic that will be used in many different applications?
Create a base class that includes the logic and inherit from your base class in your other derived classes.
What is the goal of the pilot deployment?
to minimize the deployment risk by testing the deployment
How does Pascal case differ from camel case?
With Pascal case, the first letter of each word is capitalized, while with camel case the first letter of each word except the first word is capitalized.
Which document serves as a plan for the testing team to carry out its functions in a structured fashion?
test plan
According to Microsoft standards, for which programming elements should you use camel case?
parameters and private variables
What is the benefit of performing daily builds?
It allows the development team and the customer to understand the current state of the project and measure the project's stability frequently.
Which type of testing should be required prior to developers checking in their code?
unit testing
According to MSF, which two types of project reviews are recommended at the end of the deployment phase?
team reviews and customer reviews
What is the benefit of having a detailed test plan?
It ensures that testing will be carried out in a structured fashion, that the testing will be thorough, and that the solution will be more stable.
What does zero-bug bounce indicate?
that the quality of the project builds is improving
From which .NET class should you inherit for custom exceptions?
What does a test plan include?
the approaches and methodologies that will be used in testing activities for the project, including testing goals and expected results, methodologies, tools and resource requirements, and responsibilities of test team members
Which three components make up an Enterprise template?
a prototype file, a policy file, and custom help topics
What is the major benefit of implementing standards for change management?
the prevention of scope creep
What is change management?
the agreed upon process of documenting and handling requested solution changes
What is a zero-bug bounce?
the point at which development catches up to testing and there are currently no active bugs
Which three functions do Visual Studio.NET Enterprise templates provide?
1.They define the default initial structure of a distributed application.
2.They provide guidance to less-experienced developers.
3.They reduce the complexity of building a distributed application.
What is Visual SourceSafe(VSS)?
a version control management system, often used for versioning source code, that can be integrated into the Visual Studio.NET IDE
Which type of testing is performed on individual components and allows you to test individual components and fix bugs in them before they are integrated with the rest of the application?
unit testing
According to best practices, should you use exceptions to control the flow of a program?
What is bug convergence?
the point at which the rate of bugs resolved exceeds the rate of bugs identified
What is the purpose of a code review?
to identify code defects and check for conformance to development standards
What is the formula for calculating ROI?
total monetary value of benefits of the solution over its lifetime/total costs of the solution over its lifetime
Which two statistics would you examine to determine bug convergence?
the number of defects identified and the number of defects corrected
Which coding standard is recommended when naming interfaces?
The interface name should begin with a capital I.
What is the benefit of performing ongoing analysis of bug convergence?
It identifies whether or not the solution is stable. When the number of reported bugs and fixed bugs are not converging, then the solution is not becoming more stable.
Which type of testing is performed on groups of individual components to test how the components interact with each other?
integration testing
Which acronym is commonly used to refer to the user interface?
According to Microsoft standards, for which programming elements should you use Pascal case?
class namesenumertions
class members(methods, events, and properties)
Is the number of defects per lines of source code a valid measurement of the quality of an application?
How can you use inheritance to enforce UI standards?
You can create a base form that has all the desired characteristics and then inherit from this form to create additional forms.
Why is color not recommended as a single method of communicating information in a UI?
because user visual impairments may make it difficult for users to distinguish between colors
What is Microsoft's recommended order for performing testing for Web applications?
1.Unit testing
2.Integration testing
3.Regression testing
4.Load testing
5.Platform testing
What does ROI stand for?
Return on Investment
What is a pilot?
a live test of a solution in the production environment, usually with the capability to roll back
Which versions of Visual Studio.NET support the use of Enterprise Templates?
Visual Studio.NET Enterprise Developer or Visual Studio.NET Enterprise Architect
What is the purpose of regression testing?
Regression testing is used to ensure that the integration of components does not cause any new bugs in the application. It is also used to ensure that when a bug is fixed, it does not cause any new bugs or issues in the application.