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Which term is synonymous with response time?
How do you prevent an application from saving the view state of a control across HTTP requests?
Set the EnabledViewState property of the control to false. This will prevent a control's view state from being saved and will improve application performance.
What is the preliminary goal of physical design?
to transform the logical design into specifications for a set of components and identify the technologies required
With .NET applications, why can you use XCOPY or FTP to distribute an application without requiring an installation?
because .NET assemblies are self-describing and no registry entries are required
Other than the authentication options of ASP.NET, how else might you choose to authenticate users of an XML Web service?
Use SOAP-based security, passing the user's credentials in the header of the SOAP message.
What is the primary tradeoff when choosing a multi-tier design?
It usually requires more analysis and design effort, but will be much easier to maintain and scale.
To which default event log would you write any warning messages about possible security violations or security configuration changes?
security log
How does the Trace object differ from the Debug object?
Calls to the Debug object are removed for Release builds, while Trace object calls are not.
What is DTS?
Data Transformation Services(DTS) is a tool that supports the import, export, and transformation of data between OLE DB data sources.
With the .NET Framework, which three methods of distributed component communication can you use?
.NET Remoting, XML Web services, and DCOM
To calculate the amount of disk space a table's data will occupy, which formula should you use?
(Number of Attributes)x(Size of Each Attribute)=Total Bytes per Row 8060/Total Bytes per Row = Number of Rows per Page (round down to nearest whole number)
Number of Rows in Table / Number of Rows per Page = Number of Pages Required
Number of Pages Required * 8192 bytes = Number of Bytes Required
Which two types of event logs might you use to record information from your application?
the application log or a custom log
What should you do to improve queries in a write-intensive database when most queries join two or three tables?
Create indexes on the columns used in the join conditions where feasible.
Which tool can you use with a Web service class's description file to generate a proxy class for the Web service?
Wsdl.exe(Web Services Description Language Tool)
On which operating systems are event logs available?
Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP
Which type of replication should be used to update data on the remote server on a per-transaction basis?
transactional replication
The inclusion of a Window menu in an application indicates which type of interface?
MDI(Multiple Document Interface)
From where are items stored in the ASP.NET Application object available?
from the global.asax file and from all the pages in the current application, even across other current sessions
What is HTTP?
HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol
0 is a stateless communications protocol used to transfer hypertext documents over the Web.
What does a SqlConnection object represent?
a connection to a unique session with a SQL Server data source
Does .NET provide localization features that allow for automatic translation of text or currency values to different cultures?
Why might you implement the TraceSwitch class in your code?
to provide conditional control of when or how tracing will occur
As a best practice, which character encoding should you use to represent text when globalizing or localizing your application?
Name four types of contextual help.
Context-sensitive Help, ToolTips, Status bar messages, and Help command buttons
When does a Windows service stop running?
when the computer on which it is running shuts down or when a user explicitly stops the service
Which .NET Framework component provides data access?
When might you use a Windows Forms application instead of a Web application?
when you need to take advantage of the processing power on the client desktop or when no Web server is available
Are items stored in the ASP.NET Session object available to all sessions?
Which functionality does the .NET PerformanceCounter class provide?
the ability to create custom performance counters to the Windows NT performance counters
Which form of user assistance provides a sequence of dialog boxes that assist a user in performing a specific task?
Does a Windows service have a user interface?
What is role-based security?
Role-based security is a type of security that is based on users' roles or functions. With role-based security, you can use code to verify the identity and role membership for an application user.
What is the purpose of COM Interop?
It provides a bridge between COM and .NET as a bidirectional service. It is used to generate RCWs for COM components can be used by .NET assemblies.
How does static discovery differ from dynamic discovery?
With static discovery, you explicitly specify the services you want clients to discover, and with dynamic discovery, locations are dynamically searched for Web services or other discovery files. You can explicitly specify locations that should not be searched during dynamic discovery.
What two types of indexes does SQL Server support for a database table?
clustered and nonclustered
Code assess security policies can be defined at which four levels?
enterprise, machine, user, and application domain
To what does the term "code access security" refer?
the process of verifying if a piece of code has the appropriate permissions to access a given resource, regardless of the permissions granted to the user
What would be the maximum number of kilobytes transferred by an application in ten(10) seconds if the connection speed was 40 kilobits per second?
40 kilobits per second/8=5 kilobytes per second
5 kilobytes per second * 10 seconds = 50 kilobytes
What does the TcpListener class provide?
the ability to create an object to listen for connections from TCP clients
Why should you avoid using a status bar to display information that could not be obtained through another part of the application's interface?
because users are typically allowed to hide the status bar if desired
In the .NET environment to what does the term "Enterprise Services" refer?
traditional COM+ services like distributed transactions, object pooling, and concurrency management
What are the three default event logs?
system, security, and application
In a two-tier application, where would your ADO.NET code to access a data store be located?
in the presentation, or user services, layer
In which measurement is latency usually measured?
in units of time, such as seconds or milliseconds
What is XCOPY deployment?
distributing an application using the DOS Xcopy command, or simply copying the program's directory structure and files from one location to another
Should you use a TraceSwitch object to provide automatic monitoring in an application?
No. Trace and TraceSwitch objects are great to provide debug and troubleshooting information when you are having problems with the system, but they should not be used as a normal place to output management information because tracing causes a considerable hit on performance.
What is an XML Web service?
a platform-neutral programming module that uses the HTTP, XML, and SOAP protocols
What is contextual help?
help, such as What's This help or ToolTips, that is available to the user without the user leaving the context in which he is working
Do application tiers always correspond to physical locations on the network?
No. For example, the business logic layer and the data services layer may physically reside on the same machine.
Which type of replication should be used to obtain only the current copy of the data?
snapshot replication
How many clustered indexes are allowed per database table?
only one because a clustered index controls the physical ordering of the data
Which type of application usually runs as a compiled stand-alone executable without a UI and is run from the command line?
console application
What features does Host Integration Server provide?
-Web-based access to applications for 3270 and 5250 clients
-Single user Log-on that allows users to be authenticated for the desktop and host system with one log on
-Secure connectivity via the Internet
-Data access to legacy data in flat files, VSAM files, and legacy databases
-Server-based 3270 and 5250 print emulation to allow for printing mainframe reports to a LAN printer
-Easy integration with MTS and COM+ and IBM's CICS or IMS envoronments
-Object-oriented programming support developers
What is SSL?
SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that provides for encrypted communications on the internet.
When possible, which index type is automatically created by default when a PRIMARY KEY constraint is created?
When calculating response time, which latencies should be considered?
Network latency(the time it takes data to travel from one location to another) and Application latency(the time it takes the application to process the data)
Which project type is used primarily to deploy shared components?
a Merge Module Setup project
What is DCOM?
DCOM(Distributed Component Object Model) is an object protocol that enables ActiveX components to communicate directly across a network
Which type of deployment project would you use to package an ActiveX component for download from a Webserver using a Web browser?
Cab project
What is localization?
the process of translating an application's resources into different localized versions for each supported culture
What is COMTI?
COMTI(COM Transcation Integrator) in a Microsoft product that uses Host Integration Server to allow interaction between COM and IBM CICS transactions on a mainframe.
Which service must be running on all SQL Server computers involved in a distributed transaction?
the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator(MSDTC) service
Which six categories of security threats does the STRIDE model represent?
1.Spoofing identity
4.Information disclosure
5.Denial of service
6.Elevation of privilege
What is an XML Web service proxy class?
The class instance that the client uses to interact with an XML Web Service. When you add a reference to a Web service to your project, a proxy class is automatically created for you to use.
What is Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer?
a graphical tool provided with SQL Server that allows you to create and execute SQL scripts, use predefined script templates, easily manage database objects, execute and debug stored procedures, and debug performance problems with queries
When using a Web Setup project, where are the files installed when the installation is run?
into a virtual root directory on a Web server
Does Microsoft SQL Server support encrypted database fields?
For what reason would you use Caspol.exe?
to modify security policy for the machine policy level, the user policy level, and the enterprise policy level
What is the purpose of horizontal filtering in replication?
Horizontal filtering filters roes, not columns. It is based on a WHERE clause. Therefore, only certain rows will be replicated.
If you are using Host Integration Server, how could you embed a legacy COBOL object in an HTML page?
by including an HTML<OBJECT>tag and including a CODEBASE attribute that indicates the URL from which to download the component
Can an XML Web service support asynchronous processing?
What is the industry standard maximum for response time?
three seconds
Which requires more development effort, an XML Web service or a .NET Remoting object?
a .NET Remoting object
What is an MDI interface?
an interface that allows you to display multiple documents at the same time, with each document being displayed in its own window
What type of application would you use to create a background executable that would run in its own Windows process?
Windows service
How is the .Licenses file created for a Visual Studio.NET project?
Visual Studio.NET creates the file automatically, or the LC>exe utility can be used.
How does an SDI application differ from an MDI application?
An MDI application has a main window that contains one or more child windows(documents), while in an SDI application each document is independent of all the other windows.
What are queued components?
Queued components are COM+ components that are based on MSMQ(Microsoft Message Queuing Services) and use MSMQ to provide asynchronous execution.
What is UDDI?
Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration(UDDI) is a public collection of XML WEb services specifications to which you can publish your XML Web services. This allows others to locate your service.
When would a two-tier application architecture be most appropriate?
for small applications that have very few user interfaces or for quickly creating prototype applications
What is HTTPS?
HTTPS(Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a communications protocol designed to transfer encrypted information between computers over the Web. It is basically HTTP using SSL.
What is a Windows installer package?
a Microsoft Software Installation(MSI) file that contains data and logic needed by Windows Installer when installing a Windows application.
What is GPO?
A Group Policy Object(GPO) is a virtual collection of file system or Active Directory policy settings that affect a user or computer.
For which purpose is Microsoft's BizTalk Server product most useful?
integrating processes and applications betwen businesses
Which three types of security are supported by XML Web services?
Platform/transport-level(point-to-point), Application-level(custom), and Message-level(end-to-end)
Which two methods are provided to share session state information across a Web garden or Web farm?
You can share session state information across a Web garden or Web farm by storing the information in a State server or in a SQL Server database.
Which term refers to attaching a digital signature(using a certificate from a CA) to a file to document the source and integrity of the file?
By default, which protocol does ASP.NET use?
In a Web page, what is the ALT attribute of an image commonly used for?
The ALT attribute is commonly used to provide a textual representation of an image. This is reported to the accessibility aids for those users that are unable to see the images.
Can the ASP.NET Session object be shared by machines?
Yes, if Session state is maintained externally by a dedicated state server or SQL Server on which the state management script has been run.
What functionality does Microsoft Host Integration Server provide?
It allows data and application integration with host systems, such as IBM mainframes and AS/400 computers. Host Integration Server was previously known as Microsoft SNA Server.
What does it mean for an application to be localizable?
It means that the globalized application has been prepared for localization by having the application's code separated from the localizable user interface elements.
For what purpose is a satellite assembly used?
to deploy resource files for different locales
What does Sn.exe do?
Sn.exe(the Strong Name tool) is most commonly used to sign assemblies with strong names.
Which default event log tracks events that occur on system components, such as drivers?
system log
What would be the easiest way to migrate a Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 application that uses COM components to .NET?
Create RCW's for the COM components and only rewrite the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 application, not the components.
What are some of the guidelines for producing effective user interfaces?
1.The design should be intuitive.
2.The design should use screen space efficiently.
3.The design should validate input and prevent inappropriate navigation.
4.The design should include online menus, toolbars, and other features that make navigation easier.
5.The design should provide online user assistance.
6.The interface should include appropriate error-handling.
Which type of contextual help provides small pop-up windows that display a short description of a control?
Must a Web site implementing a Web service support discovery?
No. A Web service can be private.
Which file name extension does a dynamic discovery file have?
To what does the term "throughput" refer?
the number of client requests processed within a given amount of time (usually measured in requesrts/sec or pages/sec)
What is the purpose of vertical filtering in replication?
Vertical filtering filters columns, not rows. Therefore, only certain columns will be replicated.
What does ASP.NET provide?
the features necessary to build, deploy, and run Web applications and distributed applications with the .NET Framework
Which term refers to the process required prior to accessing an XML Web service that includes locating the XML Web service's descriptions?
Which .NET Framework feature provides functionality similar to DCOM?
.NET Remoting
Why is it often more efficient to call a stored procedure to execute a set of SQL statements, than to directly call the SQL statements?
Because the stored procedure is already compiled on the database server, it requires less overhead to execute. Also, a stored procedure requires less network traffic between the client and server than does sending multiple SQL statements.
Which mode of session state management uses a Windows service to store session data?
What is a serviced component?
a class that can be hosted in a COM+ application and can act as a COM+ client
Why is it recommended that you deploy your .NET projects by using an automated installation procedure rather than using XCOPY?
When you use deployment projects, you can automatically configure IIS directory settings during the install. In addition, XCOPY does not verify the location of assemblies and could overwrite files that would cause problems with other applications.
Which tool can you use to generate an XML schema from either XDR, XML, and XSD files or from classes in a run-time assembly?
Xsd.exe (XML Schema Definition tool)
Name five methods of providing online user assistance.
1.Online Help
4.Status bars
5.Accessibility aids
To what does the term "response time" refer?
the time that a user must wait for results after making a request, including the time it takes for the request to travel over communication links and the time it takes a system to process the request
Which .NET object can you use to read from or write to Windows event logs or custom event logs that you define?
Why might you use Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services?
to perform analytical processing (OLAP) or data mining
What is CSS?
CSS(Cascading style sheets) contain code that a browser can interpret and apply to a Web page or elements on a Web page. This usually includes the appearance or positioning of the page or elements.
What functionality does the .NET TextWriterTraceListener class provide?
It allows you to direct tracing or debugging output to the console or to a file.
Which SQL Server wizard accepts SQL trace data and provides recommendations for indexes?
Index Tuning Wizard
Which action would you take to specify that a single page should maintain its view state?
Set the EnableViewState property of the page's @Page directive to true.
Which command-line tool allows you to import data only from a text file into a SQL Server database?
the bcp utility
Which default event log records events specific to a particular user program?
With regard to a database, to what does the term "partitioning" refer?
the process of splitting the data into smaller segments, usually to improve the performance of queries or processing
Which type of deployment project would you use for a stand-alone Windows-based application that used Windows installer technology?
Setup project
Why would you store ViewState information?
because doing so saves all the state information and user input of the control in a hidden field on the Web Form, preserving the control's appearance and contents between calls (postbacks) to the server
What are the advantages of installing assemblies into the global assembly cache?
The GAC provides a shared location that is installed within the Windows directory. This provides increased security because the Windows directories have access restrictions by default. The GAC allows you to have multiple copies of assemblies with the same name but different version numbers and multiple applications accessing the same copy of the assembly simultaneously.
Which .NET Framework class can you use to create client connections for TCP network services?
In a multi-tier, or n-tier, application, what is the presentation layer?
The presentation layer, also called the user services layer, is the layer of the application that contains user interface components.
Which two tools can you use to view the contents of your application's event log?
You can use Server Explorer from Visual Studio.NET or use the Event Viewer of MMC.