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The requirement "The users must be able to access the new Web site 24-hours per day." is an example of which type of requirement?
In UML, what are the three types of links that can link actors or use cases?
the communicates relationship, the uses relationship, and the extends relationship
What is scalability?
Scalability refers to the ability to add larger volumes of users or transactions, or upgrade underlying hardware, without significantly impacting the performance of the system or requiring major rework.
Which type of requirements are related to the ability of two separate systems to communicate and/or share information?
integration requirements
Which services category provides services that provide the user interface in an application?
user services
Which term refers to a system's ability to support use by all users, including those with disabilities?
Are the results of a survey objective?
No. Survey results are very subjective because they are affected by user opinions and attitudes.
Which operational requirement refers to the amount of time that the system is functioning and ready for use?
What is a business requirement?
a requirement of the system that meets a particular business purpose
What does an actors catalog contain?
a comprehensive list of actors used in the use cases, including the actor's name and other information about the actor
What is a DFD?
a data flow diagram, which is a graphical representation of a solution or system that includes processes and data flows
Which UML diagram would you use to represent the needed classes in the model?
class diagram
Which UML diagram would you use to describe the software modules used to implement the solution?
component diagram
Which information-gathering technique involves observing the user while he is performing the tasks in the actual work environment?
Which UML diagram is best at depicting how several objects work together to complete a specific objective or task?
collaboration diagram
This requirement "Users can access their order details." is an example of which type of requirement?
user requirement
Which UML diagram would you use to represent the objects needed for a solution and the relationship between these objects?
object diagram
In a use case, what is an actor?
a person or object that interacts with a system
Which information-gathering technique involves the user or users training you on how they perform specific tasks?
user instruction
What does it mean to scale up an application?
Scaling up an application involves increasing the resources on the machine on which the application resides. This might involve adding more memory or processor resources to the current machine or moving the application to a machine that has more resources.
Which operational requirement is typically associated with response time?
What is a use case?
a description of a system behavior in terms of one of the system's users
When using user instruction to gather information, why is it important to involve multiple users?
because different users might perform a specific task differently
In UML, what does a deployment diagram represent?
the deployment of components on specific hardware
Why is it important to consider an organization's political climate when evaluating the current business state?
Sometimes individuals or groups may put their interests above those of the organization, and this can put the project at risk.
For which type of tasks is gathering information using shadowing most appropriate?
Shadowing is most appropriate for tasks that are performed often. It is difficult to find an opportunity to perform shadowing for a task that occurs only occasionally.
In a data flow diagram, which symbol represents a flow of data?
an arrow
In a use case diagram, how is an actor represented?
as a stick person
From whose point of view does a use case diagram represent the system?
a user's
Which UML diagram represents a single operation as a set of actions?
activity diagram
What is the first level data flow diagram?
the context diagram
Which term refers to a one-to-one information-gathering meeting between a project team member and a stakeholder or user?
What functionality do business services provide?
the enforcement of business rules
What six main techniques are used for gathering information?
shadowing, interviewing, focus groups, surveys, user instruction, and prototyping
In a data flow diagram, which symbol indicates an external entity?
a rectangle
What is a user requirement?
a solution requirement that meets a specific user need, and usually focuses on performing a specific task
What is the purpose of a usage scenario?
It provides a detailed description of a particular instance of a use case. Often times, you must create many different usage scenarios to adequately describe one use case.
What information-gathering technique involves simulating the production environment?
How should a business requirement be written?
clearly and concisely using business language, not technical language or jargon
To what does the operational requirement of maintainability refer?
the ease with which an application can be modified to correct errors or add new functionality after it is moved into a production environment
What are operational requirements?
Operational requirements specify what a solution must deliver to provide optimum operability and reduce downtime. Key operational requirements include performance, maintainability, extensibility, scalability, availability, deployability, security, and accessibility.
How do you refine use cases?
Create subordinate use cases, create usage scenarios for each use case and each subordinate use case, and validate each use case and usage scenario against the solution's requirements.
What is UML?
UML(Unified Modeling Language)is a visual modeling language that you can use to create visual software models.
What is the difference between active shadowing and passive shadowing?
During active shadowing, you ask the user questions, but during passive shadowing, you only observe and listen to information the user chooses to provide.
What functionality do system services provide?
functionality exclusive of the business logic
Which three steps should you take to prepare an application for globalization?
1. Identify the locales and cultures to be supported
2. Design features that support these locales and cultures
3. Write code that is functional for all of the locales and cultures that are to be supported.
Which UML diagram displays all actors and objects that participate in an interaction and the evens they generate, arranged chronologically?
sequence diagram
What is one of the main benefits of using surveys to gather information?
Users can reply anonymously, which allows you to gather information that might not otherwise be collected.
Which UML diagram would be used to represent different states of an object?
statechart diagram
What is a focus group?
an information-gathering meeting of users or stakeholders in which the facilitator gathers information about activities related to a project
How does clustering increase the availability of an application?
Clustering allows two or more independent servers to act as a single system. If a component on one server fails, the current process workload is transferred to another server and the application continues to be available.
Name some strategies that would increase the reliability of a solution?
1. Include redundancy in your solution.
2. Include error-handling in your solution.
What does a level-0 diagram include?
the major processes, data flows, and data stores for the solution
Which term refers to the ability to extend the functionality of a system?