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What is a Domain?
Logical group of computers with a common database of accounts
What do domains provide?
centralized authentication
centralized mgmt
What are DCs?
Domain Controllers - in W2k3 all DCs are more PDC, BDC
What replication do W2k/3 servers use?
Multimaster replication model.
Where doe W2k/3 servers store information
In Active Directory(AD) ... no more sams database.
What are Directory Services?
Way to store information in a directory so it can be retrieved.
What are the basic components of DS?
Schema - defines types of objects stored in a directory and attributes assigned to objects

* Objects - users, printers, applications, computers, other entities

* Object classes - specific types of entities that can be stored

*Attributes - properties of objects

*Method for searching for info about objects.
What standards are Directory Services based upon?
Where is the AD for W2k stored/called
systemroot\ntds as ntds.dit
Domain rename tool
What is transitive trust?
A trust B,
B trusts C
A trust C
What is Cross-Forest authorization?
every domain in multiple forests can share resources with each other while having single sign-on. Only W2k3 ---no W2k or NT as DCs...
Active Domain Users and Computers
What are queries?
In ADUC you can search and save the following:
* printers in a certain location
* users who use Exchange Instant messaging
* Machines with RIS
* empty groups
What is RIS?
Remote Installation Services
What is GPMC?
Group Policy Management Console
GPMC supports what?
* drag-drop
* backup / restore Group Policy
* copy / import GPOs
DCs cache ____ from ____?
Global Catalog (GC) servers

** This allows people to login when GC goes down
Why GCs are no longer single point of failure
All DCs cache credentials from GC Servers.
New directory partitioning is called?
Appplication paritition -
* You can add data to this partition and choose which DCs replicate it.
WEBDAV allows what?
remote document sharing.
What is DFS
Distributed File System - allows you to create a single login tree view from multiple servers
What does FRS do?
Used to replicate DFS file share data.
FRS supports what
replication topology and compressed replication traffic
What are shadow copies?
Enable shadow copy on server and install client software. End users can then right click on a file and view previous versions.
Is IIS installed by default? What mode is it installed as?

Installed in lock down mode.
What types of clustering are support by W2k3?
Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS)

Network Load Balancing
Enterprise and Data cent support how many clusters?
W2k Advanced server supports how many clusters?
W2k Datacenter supports how many clusters?
Do all NLB servers offer services at the same time?
How do you represent NLB servers?
With a virtual name to the group of NLB servers
How do you manage NLBs?
NLB Manager
What is IGMP?
Internet Group Management Protocol
Why use IGMP with clusters?
In multicast mode you can use it to limit cluster traffic on the switch to ports that have NLB server connected to them.
Why use ICF
Internet Connection Firewall....allows you to filter network connection of your DNS server so that only DNS requests are passed through
ICF is not included in what versions W2k3
64 bit version
ICF is included in what version of W2k3
How do you encrypt your data with EFS:
Right click file or folder
From General Tab click Advanced
Check the box next to Encrypt contents to secure data
Select OK
How do you share encrypted files with other users?
Right click on file or folder to share
Select General, click advanced
Click details
Click Add
Click find user
Select user from list.
Select OK
Name the W2k3 editions
Web Edition -
Standard Edition -
Enterprise Edition -
Datacenter Edition -
What does Web Edition not support?
* Internet Authentication Services (IAS)
* Microsoft Metadirectory Services
* Domain Controller Functionality
* Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration Services (UDDI)
* Remote Installation Services
What does Web Edition support
Supports IIS 6.0
.NET Framework
What are Web Edition requirements?
Two Processors
2GB of RAM
Max 10 inbound simltaneous SMB Connections
What are Standard Edition Requirements?
4GB of RAM
Four Processors
What are Enterprise Edition requirements?
8 Node clustering
Eight Processors
32 GB of memory (64bit - 64GB and 8 Processors)
What are the requirements for Datacenter?
32 processors
64GB Ram
64 processors
512GB Ram
Name the rules for licensing schemes
* buy product license for every copy of the OS installed
*Every net connection requires a Win CAL
Every Term Server Session requires a Term Server CAL (TS CAL)
Define "Per Server Mode" licensing
*requires Windows CAL for each connection
*CALs assigned to each server and not shared between servers
*Once maximum connections reached no more connections allowed
Define "Per Device or Per User" licensing
* each device or user has its own Windows CAL.
* User/device can connect to unlimited number of servers
* Server doesn't limit number of connections
Does Volume Licensing require activation?
How do you activate Windows
All Programs
Activate Windows
Select "Yes Activate Windows over the Internet"
Select "next"
"No I don't want to register"
What are the minimum W2k3 Server requirements?
133Mhz Processsor
1.5 GB free disk space
What are the recommended requirements for W2k3 Server?
550Mhz Processor
How to determine many DCs are required in a network?
At least 1 per site. Two for fault tolerance. Use (ADSizer) Active Directory Sizer.
What are the two types of disks in W2k/3 servers
Distinguish between physical and logical disks?
Physical - actual tangible disk
Logical - units made up of all or part of one or more disks.
What are Partitions?
Divisions of a single disk.
Can volumes span multiple physical disks?
Defne Basic vs Dynamic disks
Basic disks are same disk structure broken into primary and/or extended partitions with logicals drives.
Dyanmic support simple and spanned volumes.
Name 3 benefits of Dynamic disks
Extend simple volumes into empty space
Create spanned volumes across physical disks
Create fault tolerant RAID (1&5) volumes
Describe the limitations of dyamic volumes
* not supported on laptops
* removable disks or shared scsi bus can't be converted to dynamic
*only able to install W2k3 onto a dynamic volume converted from a basic boot or system partition not from a newly created volume
* cant convert a basic disk that hold mutliple OSs
* Cluster Service (WCS) doesn't support dynamic disks on a clustered shared disk.
Name the two disk sectors vital to starting a computer
Master Boot Record (MBR) and boot sector
Identify the steps the MBR performs when disk boots up
* scans partition table for active partition
* finds starting sector for active partition
* loads copy of boot sector of active partition into memory
* passes control to the boot sector
Do dynamic disks user partitions?
No - use Logical Disk Manager (LDM) 1MB database at the end of disk. DB is replicated to all dynamic disks
Name the five types of volumes?
* Simple
* Spanned
* Stripped
* Mirrored
* RAID 5
Describe Simple Volumes
* made of free space on single dynamic disk
* not fault tolerant
* Can extend simple volumes across multiple disks
* almost 100% disk utilization
Describe Spanned Volumes
* support 2 to 32 disks
* can't be mirrored
* not fault tolerant
Described Striped Volumes
* support 2 to 32 disks
* smallest drive sets the size limit across all drives
* approximately 100% utilization
* cannot be mirrored or extended
Describe Mirrored Volumes
* requires 2 disks
* must be identical disks
* recommended that be same model and manufacturer
* 50% utilization
How do you repair a failed disk in a mirrored environment?
1.) Break the mirror
2.) replace the hardware
3.) create a new mirrored volume
How do disk duplexing and mirroring differ?
Duplexing uses two controllers for mirroring to reduce chance of failure
Describe RAID-5
* 3 to 32 disks
* increased performance for reads
* data written in 64kb chuncks
* 1 disk is used for parity. * more disks in an array provides more efficient disk utilization
Name 3 command line utilities for managing disks
1.) diskpart.exe
2.) fsutil.exe
3.) rss.exe
What tool do you use to manage disks, partitions, and volumes
what can you manage with fsutil.exe
manage FAT and NTFS file systems
* manage sparse files
* manage reparse points
* mount/dismount volumes
* view free space on volume
What command line utility do you use to manage remote storage