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Compters running XP Home cannot join a _________.
XP Home supports only ________ File Sharing.
XP Home supports the use of NTFS & print permissions."
XP Home does not support the use of dynamic disks."
XP Home supports the use of Encrypting File System."
What does EFS stand for?
Encrypting File System
How many processors do XP Home and XP Professional support?
1 & 2
XP Home includes Internet Information Services."
XP Home does not include Remote Desktop."
XP Home does not include Remote Installation Services."
What additional capabilities ddoes XP Tablet PC Edition provide?
"touch-screen interface support
speech recognition"
How much system memory does XP 64-Bit Edition support?
16 GB
What does IIS stand for?
Internet Information Services
What command can be used from the Run dialog to see what version of Windows is installed?
Which components does the SP2 Security Center check?
"Windows Firewall
Virus Protection"
The new Windows Firewall is disabled by default."
The new Windows Firewall enables you to configure global settings for all connections."
What is different about startup security with the new Windows Firewall?
performs packet filtering during startup; there is no lag between Windows startup & service startup
The new Windows Firewall allows you to permit traffic based on application name."
A workgroup consists of what?
"peer-based computers
A domain consists of what?
"servers that maintain centralized security & directory structures
A workgroup is also called a ___________ network.
"In a workgroup
a computer running Server 2003 is called a _______________."
A workgroup becomes impractical with more than ___ computers.
A directory database contains what?
user accounts & security information for the domain
The directory is the database portion of ________________.
Active Directory Service
"In a domain
the directory resides on the _______________."
What OS must be installed for a computer to be set as a domain controller?
2000 Server or Server 2003
A domain can be set up if all computers on the network are running XP Professional."
Computers in a domain must be in close physical proximity on a LAN."
Domain controllers do not maintain a local user database."
"A server that is a member of a domain
but is not set up as a domain controller is a ________________."
Member servers in a domain can authenticate users."
"By default
if a computer is part of a workgroup
How do you log on as Administrator from the Welcome Screen?
CTRL-ALT-DEL twice to get to the Log On To Windows dialog
Running a program with different credentials relies on the _________________ service.
Secondary Logon
What shortcut immediately locks the computer?
Windows Key+L
What is an access token?
assigned by Windows after verifying user's logon credentials; it defines the user's rights & permissions
What is the minimum processor required to install XP Pro.?
P-233 or equiv.
"What are the minimum
recommended & max. memory for XP Pro.?"
4 GB max."
How much disk space is required to install XP Pro.?
1.5 GB free space on a 2 GB drive
Where can you check to verify compatible hardware for XP Pro.?
Windows Catalog
What is required to join a domain during XP Pro. installation?
"domain name
DNS server online"
What program is entered at the Run dialog to bring up the System Information utility?
What are the four stages when XP Pro. is installed from CD-ROM to a clean hard disk?
"text mode setup
completing the installation"
What is the default installation folder for the XP Pro. operating system files?
How many characters can a computer name be in XP Pro?
The typical network installation during XP Pro. setup includes which options?
"Client for Microsoft Networks
Dynamic Update is enabled or disabled by default during unattended installations?
A distribution server contains the setup files from the __________ folder on the XP Pro. CD.
What 3 things must be done before installing XP Pro. over a network?
"locate a distribution server
install a network client"
Which file(s) do you run to start a network installatioon of XP Pro.?
Winnt.exe or Winnt32.exe
Running Winnt.exe or Winnt32.exe from a distribution server copies the installation files to the ______________ folder.
Which Winnt.exe switch enables accessibility options?
What function does the /a switch serve when running Winnt.exe?
enables accessibility options
"Which Winnt.exe switch specifies an optional folder to be copied & saved
and will not erase the folder after Setup?"
"Which Winnt.exe switch specifies an optional folder to be copied & saved
and will erase the folder after Setup?"
What function does the /r[:folder] switch serve when running Winnt.exe?
"specifies an optional folder to be copied & saved
What function does the /rx[:folder] switch serve when running Winnt.exe?
"specifies an optional folder to be copied & saved
Which Winnt.exe switch specifies the source location of the XP Pro. files?
What function does the /s[:sourcepath] switch serve when running Winnt.exe?
specifies the source location of the XP Pro. files
Which Winnt.exe switch specifies a drive to contain temporary setup files & directs Setup to install XP Pro. on that drive?
What function does the /t[:tempdrive] switch serve when running Winnt.exe?
specifies a drive to contain temporary setup files & directs Setup to install XP Pro. on that drive
Which Winnt.exe switch performs an unattended installation by using the optional script file?
What function does the /u[:script_file] switch serve when running Winnt.exe?
performs an unattended installation by using the optional script file
What switch is required if the /u[:script_file] switch is used?
Which Winnt32.exe switch checks the computer for upgrade compatibility?
What function does the /checkupgradeonly switch perform?
checks the computer for upgrade compatibility
Which Winnt32.exe switch specifies a specific command that Setup is to run after the computer restarts?
What function does the /cmd:command_line switch perform?
specifies a specific command that Setup is to run after the computer restarts
Which Winnt32.exe switch copies the files necessary to use Recovery Console?
What function does the /cmdcons switch perform?
copies the files necessary to use Recovery Console
Which Winnt32.exe switch creates an additional folder and copies the contents from the source folder?
What function does the /copydir:foldername switch perform?
creates an additional folder and copies the contents from the source folder
Which Winnt32.exe switch creates a debug log at the specified level?
What function does the /debug[level][:file_name] switch perform?
creates a debug log at the specified level
What is the default level when using the /debug switch?
What is the default log file name when using the /debug switch?
Which Winnt32.exe switch prevents Dynamic Update from running?
Which Winnt32.exe switch specifies a share on which you previously downloaded Dynamic Update files?
Which Winnt32.exe switch prepares an installation share for use with the Dynamic Update files you downloaded?
Which Winnt32.exe switch instructs setup to copy replacement files from an alternate location?
Which Winnt32.exe switch instructs Setup to copy all installation source files to the local hard disk?
Which Winnt32.exe switch prevents Setup from restarting after the file copy phase?
Which Winnt32.exe switch specifies the source location of installation files?
"Which Winnt32.exe switch copies Setup files to a hard disk & marks it active
so you can install it in another computer and run Setup?"
Which Winnt32.exe switch places temporary files on the specified drive & installs XP Pro. on that drive?
"Which Winnt32.exe switch upgrades a prev. version to XP Pro. in unattended mode
taking all user settings from the prev. installation?"
Which Winnt32.exe switch performs a fresh install in unattended mode using the specified answer file?
Which versions of Windows cannot be directly upgraded to XP?
NT 3.51 or older & 95
How do you run the XP Compatibility tool?
run \i386\winnt32 /checkupgradeonly off the installation CD
Which 2 log files are generated during XP Pro. setup?
action log & error log
Where can you find the action & error logs?
What is the file name of the action log?
What is the file name of the error log?
How long will XP Pro. function without being activated?
30 days
Where do you go to turn on Automatic Updates?
Start->Control Panel->Performance And Maintenance->System->Automatic Updates tab
Changing Automatic Updates setting does not require administrator priveleges."
What is the recommended way for handling critical updates?
enabling Automatic Updates & configuring it to download & install automatically
What is Software Update Services?
server component installed on a 2000 or 2003 server that allows for distribution of critical updates & security updates
What doe SUS stand for?
Software Update Services
SUS does not allow the distribution of Service Packs or driver updates."
How many clients is SUS designed to support?
What are the three automatic deployment methods?
"unattended installation
Which two files are used for unattended installations?
"answer file
What does UDF stand for?
uniqueness database file
What tool is used to create answer files & UDFs?
Windows Setup Manager
Where do you find the XP deployment tools?
the \Support\Tools\ file on the installation CD
Entries in the UDF override values in the answer file."
What command is run to start the Windows Setup Manager?
What 3 files does Setup Manager create?
What are 2 ways you can start an unattended installation using the files created by Setup Manager?
"use the unattend.bat file
use winnt32.exe with switches"
What is the most effeicient deployment method when installing XP on several computers with identical hardware configurations?
disk duplication
What tool is used for disk duplication?
System Preparation
What file is run to start System Preparation?
What does SID stand for?
security identifier
What are the steps in disk duplication?
"1)set up a reference installation
3)create hard disk image"
What are the primary functions of the System Preparation tool?
remove SIDs & user- or computer-specific information
List the basic steps of the RIS process.
"1. install RIS on a server
5. XP is installed"
RIS stands for ___________.
Remote Installation Services
RIS supports what two types of images?
"CD-based image
RIPrep image"
An RIS server will only support one image at a time."
RIS is only available on computers running which OS?
2000 Server or Server 2003
Which network services are required for RIS?
Active Directory"
The RIS server must be a domain controller."
it can be configured on a member server as well"
RIS must be installed on a shared volume that meets what criteria?
"shared volume cannot be the same as the volume that holds the server OS files
shared volume must be formatted with NTFS"
Where do you go to install RIS in Server 2003?
"Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs->Add/Remove Windows Components->
log on as admin.->Start->Administrative Tools->Remote Installation Services Setup"
By default
the RIS server will not support client computers until you configure it to do so after Setup"
"What are the three configurations
one of which is required
supported network adapter & remote installation boot disk"
What does PXE stand for?
Preboot eXecution Environment
"No matter which configuration the RIS client conforms to
the user account used to perform the installation must have what security permissions?"
permission to create computer accounts in the domain"
By default
the Administrator group has the right to log on to a batch job."
Which utility is run to create a RIS boot disk?
Remote Boot Disk Generator
Where is the Remote Boot Disk Generator located?
in the remote installation folder specified during Setup"
RIS boot floppies support only _____-based network adapters.
Which XP Pro. tool simplifies the task of moving data files & personal settings from one computer to another?
Files And Settings Transfer Wizard
How do you access the Files And Settings Transfer Wizard?
Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools
Using Files And Settings Transfer Wizard
you cannot specify whether to transfer only settings or only files
What does USMT stand for?
User State Migration Tool
What is the User State Migration Tool?
provides the same functionality as Files And Settings Transfer Wizard plus the ability to fully customize specific settings such as unique modifications to the registry
User State Migration Tool is designed for a single user to migrate settings."
What are the two executables making up the USMT?
What are the four migration rule information files used in the USMT?
Windows Installer can not roll back the OS if it encounters problems."
Windows Installer supports the installation of application features on demand."
Windows Installer does not allow you to configure unattended application installations."
Windows Installer does not support 64-bit applications."
Windows Installer can advertise the availability of an application to users or other applications without actually installing the application."
What are the 2 types of advertising?
Windows Installer does not support the .NET framework."
How can a user install an application that is published within Active Directory?
Add Or Remove Programs
"To repair a corrupted Windows Installer package
use the command _____________ with any applicable parameters."
What are the 5 stages of XP Pro. startup?
"1. preboot sequence
5. logon"
Where is NTLDR located?
Where is BOOT.INI located?
Where is BOOTSECT.DOS located?
Where is NTDETECT.COM located?
Where is NTBOOTDD.SYS located?
Where is NTOSKRNL.EXE located?
Where is HAL.DLL located?
Where is SYSTEM located?
Where are device drivers (.sys) located?
What 4 steps occur during the preboot sequence?
"1. POST
3. MBR scans partition table to locate active partition
loads boot sector on active partition into memory
4. NTLDR loaded & initialized"
How can you repair a corrupt MBR?
use Recovery Console
What is a common cause of a non-system disk or disk error?
floppy disk is inserted
What are the 4 phases of the boot sequence?
"1. initial boot loader phase
4. configuration selection"
What happens during the initial boot loader phase?
"NTLDR switches the processor to 32-bit flat memory mode
What are minifile system drivers?
"built into NTLDR so it can find & load XP from partitions formatted with FAT
Which file does NTLDR read during the operating system selection phase?
What happens if BOOT.INI is not present?
NTLDR attempts to load XP from the first partition of the first disk
Which 2 files perform hardware detection?
Which file is executed if an OS other than XP is selected?
What does the BOOTSECT.DOS file contain?
a copy of the boot sector that was on the system partition at the time XP was installed
_________ collects a list of currently installed hardware & returns this list to ________ for later inclusion in the registry.
Which key is pressed during the configuration selection to invoke the Last Known Good configuration?
What can be done to repair missing or corrupt boot files or an improperly configured BOOT.INI file?
use the Recovery Console
What sections make up the BOOT.INI file?
"[boot loader]
[operating systems]"
BOOT.INI contains ________ paths pointing to the computer's boot partition.
What does ARC stand for?
Advanced RISC Computing
What does RISC stand for?
Reduced Instruction Set Computing
What is the syntax for ARC paths?
partition numbers start with 1"
Most disk types use the _______ convention for ARC path naming.
The scsi ARC naming convention varies the rdisk(z) parameter for successive disks on one controller
whereas the multi format varies the disk(y) parameter."
Switches can be added to entries in the [operating systems] section of BOOT.INI to provide additional functionality."
Where can you modify the timeout & default parameter values in the BOOT.INI file?
System Properties->Advanced Tab->Startup & Recovery
What does NTLDR do during the kernel load phase?
loads device drivers"
NTOSKRNL.EXE also loads & initializes ___________ & loads __________.
"device drivers
What visual indication do you see that the system is in the kernel load phase?
series of white rectangles on the bottom of the screen
What is the HAL.DLL file?
hardware abstraction layer
What is a control set?
contains list of device drivers & services to load and start
What happens during the kernel initialization phase?
kernel initializes & NTLDR passes control to it
What visual indication do you see that the system is in the kernel initialization phase?
a graphical screen with a status bar
What 4 tasks are accomplished during the kernel initialization phase?
"Hardware key is created
services are started"
What is the SMSS.EXE file?
Session Manager
"During the logon phase
the _________ subsystem automatically starts ___________
Logon dialog box"
What is LSASS.EXE?
Local Security Authority
When is a XP Pro. startup considered successful?
after a user successfully logs on
"After a successful logon
the system copies the _________ control set to the ___________ control set."
Last Known Good"
What is the Registry?
a hierarchical database
What are the 2 subtrees of the Registry?
What 5 subtrees are displayed in the Registry Editor?
What is contained in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT subtree?
software configuration data
What is contained in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER subtree?
data about the current user
What is contained in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subtree?
all the configuration data for the local computer
What is contained in the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG subtree?
data on the active hardware profile
A typical XP Pro. installation contains what control set subkeys?
Which key is pressed during startup to access advanced options for booting?
What are 2 of the most useful tools in troubleshooting Windows startup?
Safe Mode & Last Known Good Configuration
"What is the name of the file created when Enable Boot Logging is selected
and where is it located?"
The Directory Services Restore Mode applies only to _____________.
domain controllers
Recovery Console can only be used to access drives formatted with NTFS of FAT32."
What command is run to install Recovery Console off the installation CD?
\i386\Winnt32.exe /cmdcons
Which 2 commands can be used in the Recovery Console to write a new partition boot sector to the system partition & repair the MBR?
Where do you go to view or modify the display or Desktop properties?
Control Panel->Appearance & Themes->Display
XP Pro. can extend the display across how many monitors?
max. 10
Multiple displays must use either _____ or _____ devices.
Where do you go to select a Power Scheme?
Control Panel->Performance & Maintenance->Power Options
You must be logged in as a member of the Administrators local group to change the power scheme."
You cannot change the settings for a power scheme
you must create a new scheme."
When a computer enters standby mode
all open applications
When a computer enters hibernate mode
all devices are powered off
What does ACPI stand for?
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
The Processor Scheduling settings allow you to adjust for best performance of either ______________ or ____________.
Background services"
What is the name of the XP paging file?
What is the default or recommeded paging file size?
1.5x total RAM
What does DEP stand for?
Data Execution Prevention
Where do you go to configure Performance Options?
Control Panel->Performance & Maintenance->System->Advanced tab
How can you improve system performance in relation to virtual memory?
"create a paging file on each hard disk controller
set the initial size of the paging file equal to the max. size"
XP supports what 3 types of user profiles?
What is a mandatory user profile?
roaming profiles that users cannot make permanent changes to
Where are local user profiles stored?
\Documents And Settings\username
XP creates what 2 local user profiles during installation?
"Default User profile
All Users profile"
You can change the user profile that will be assigned to all new users."
There is no way to change settings that apply to all local user profiles."
What does IIS stand for?
Internet Information Services
What service does IIS provide?
allows you to publish information on the internet or on your intranet
How many simultaneous client connections can you have using IIS?
What does a stop sign icon mean in the Device Manager?
the device is disabled because of hardware conflicts
What does an exclamation point icon mean in the Device Manager?
the device is incorrectly configured or its drivers are missing
"What does a red ""x"" icon mean in the Device Manager?"
the device is disabled in the current hardware profile
Device Manager can also list resources by connection type."
Any user can change resource settings."
The Fax component of XP Pro. is not installed by default."
What does PC/SC stand for?
Personal Computer/Smart Card
What is driver signing?
a method to verify that Microsoft has tested the designated drivers for reliability
Where are drivers that ship with XP stored?
a single cabinet file called
Where is the file copied to during Setup for use during & after installation?
\Driver Cache\i386\
Windows supports driver rollback for all devices except _________.
What utility is used to scan the computer & notify you if there are any unsigned drivers?
File Signature Verification utility
What command is entered to start the File Signature Verification utility?
What are the two types of user accounts?
Local user accounts should be used only on computers in _________.
A domain recognizes local user accounts."
What are the built-in local user accounts?
The HelpAssistant local user account is used to authenticate users who connect by using _____________.
Remote Assistance
You cannot delete any of the built-in user accounts."
You cannot rename any of the built-in user accounts."
Using the RunAs feature requires what service?
Secondary Logon
The Guest account is enabled by default."
A strong password is a minimum of ___ characters and should include a mix of ________________________.
upper- & lowercase letters
numbers & symbols"
"What are the two tools used to modify
Computer Management snap-in"
Only administrators can change the way users log on and off the system."
How do you access the Computer Management snap-in?
right-click My Computer->Manage
When does the system lock out a user?
when the user exceeds the limit for the number of failed logon attempts
A group is a collection of ________________.
user accounts
____________ control what users can do with a resource.
____________ allow users to perform system tasks.
You can create local groups on domain controllers."
What are the built-in local groups?
What are the built-in system groups?
What are the standard NTFS folder permissions?
Full Control"
What are the standard NTFS file permissions?
"Read Write
Full Control"
NTFS stores an _____ with every file and folder on an NTFS volume.
What does ACL stand for?
access control list
What does ACE stand for?
access control entry
What does effective permissions mean?
the sum of all NTFS permissions for a user and all the groups to which a user belongs
Allow permissions override deny permissions."
File permissions override folder permissions."
"If you do not have permission to access the folder containing the file you want access to
you must have the _____________ security permission."
NTFS permissions that you assign to the parent folder are inherited by & propagated to subfolders and files."
Who can assign the Full Control or the Take Ownership permission?
the current owner or any user with Full Control permission
An adminstrator can take ownership of a folder or file
regardless of assigned permissions."
How do you take ownership of a file or folder?
Properties->Advanced->Owner tab
Which permissions should be assigned to application folders?
Read & Execute to the Users and Administrators group
Which permissions should be assigned for public data folders?
"Read & Execute
Full Control to the CREATOR OWNER"
When you copy a file or folder within a single NTFS volume or between NTFS volumes
the new file retains the original permissions."
When you move a file or folder within a single NTFS volume
the new file retains the original permissions."
When you move a file or folder between NTFS volumes
the new file retains the original permissions."
To use shared folder permissions
Simple File Sharing must be enabled."
What are the shared folder permissions?
Full Control"
Which users can share a folder?
members of Administrators or Power Users group & users with the Create Permanent Shared Objects user right
Shared folder permissions apply only to folders
not individual files."
Shared folder permissions restrict users who access the folder locally as well as those who connect over the network."
What is the only way to secure network resources on a FAT volume?
shared folder permissions
What is the default shared folder permission?
What are administrative shares?
folders automatically shared for administrative purposes
A dollar sign at the end of a share name indicates what?
it is an administrative share
What are the 3 types of administrative shares?
"root of each volume
location of printer drivers"
You cannot create additional hidden shares beyond the standard administrative shares."
The system root folder is automatically shared as ________.
The printer driver folder is automatically shared as ________.
You can manage shared folders using the _____________ utility.
Computer Management