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What port is used with L2TP?
port 50
What must be done when a CA has been compromised?
the CA's certificate must be revoked
What are the six levels of the pyramid approach to management?
shareholders, chairman of the board, board of directors, senior management, middle management, and staff
What two security features does Terminal Services offer?
encryption, and the ability to limit logon attempts and connection time
What three types of business structures does Microsoft recognize?
international, national, and regional
What are the three levels of Terminal Services encryption?
low, medium, and high
What are the three phases of network design?
planning and design, implementation, and management
What are the four aspects of design criteria?
functionality, security, availability, and performance
What is a domain consolidation also known as?
a domain restructure
What is a strategic inflection point?
a point where two or more alternatives diverge
What are the five types of end users?
external authenticated user, internet user, regular user, roaming user, and traveling user
What is an external authenticated user?
a user who does not work for a company, but needs access to their network
What are the three models of distributed management?
by responsibility, by location, and hybrid
What are the three major advantages of centralized management?
ease of communication, ability to create and enforce a clear vision, and streamlined decision-making
What is a risk contingency trigger?
an event that causes a risk contingency plan to go into effect
Analyzing the service and product life cycles is a part of which section of the design cycle?
planning and design
In the pyramid approach to management, how many levels are there?
In a typical VPN setup, what protocol is used between the VPN server and the private network?
Can SSL be used as part of SSO in a cross-platform environment?
What MS product can be used to ensure that incompatible applications are not used after the Windows 2000 rollout?
Which default IPSec policy is the most secure?
Secure Server
What is a certificate trust list?
a list of self-signed certificates that are to be trusted by your organization
Can drives be mapped by a default Terminal Services client?
If a user does not have a user account for a 2000 domain, which security protocol will allow that user to connect to a resource in that domain?
Public Key Certificate authentication
How many firewalls are necessary for a screened subnet design?
What is a "quick win"?
making a new feature available as soon as possible to showcase benefits
What are the two firewall configuration models?
bastion host and screened subnet
What are the three approaches to threat assessment?
tiger team, think tank, and system security engineering process
What drawback does Network Monitor have for analyzing a network's traffic?
it does not run in promiscuous mode
Where are remote access policies stored?
in IAS.MDB on the RAS server
What standard does Windows 2000 use for smart cards?
If an unencrypted file is copied into an encrypted folder, is the copy encrypted?
If an unencrypted file is moved into an encrypted folder, is the file encrypted?
What are the three types of EFS recovery policies?
no recovery policy, empty recovery policy, and recovery-agent policy
Who is the recovery agent if the domain recovery policy is deleted?
the local administrator
What recovery policy is in place if the recovery policy is deleted from the first domain controller?
no recovery policy
What recovery policy is in effect if an administrator deletes all recovery policies and their public-key certificates?
an empty recovery policy
What is the effect of an empty recovery policy?
EFS is turned off
What must be done before encrypted files can be stored on a remote server?
the server must be trusted for delegation