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What is the name of the actual AD database?
What command-line utility can be used to seize FSMO roles?
What is dsastat.exe?
AD diagnostic tool- compares naming contexts on DC's
What does ldp.exe do?
allows LDAP operations to be performed against AD
What is netdom.exe?
Windows 2000 domain manager- manages 2000 domains and trust relationships
What tool is used to manage replication from a GUI?
When testing if a zone delegation was successful, what should be entered after NSLOOKUP <IP_address>?
Which tab on a user's properties specifies what computers they can log on to?
What tool is used to transfer the Schema Master role to another computer?
the Active Directory Schema snap-in
How do proxy servers affect intersite replication?
proxy servers must be designated as bridgehead servers
What tool is used to designate GC servers?
AD Sites and Services
What tool is used to designate GC servers?
AD Sites and Services
Can SMTP replication traffic travel over non-IP media?
For best performance, which two AD components should be placed on separate hard drives?
the directory database and the directory logfile
What are the six parts of the System State data?
Registry, COM+, boot files, Certificate Services database (if applicable), AD services, and SYSVOL
What should be entered at the authoritative restore prompt to restore an OU?
In an AD-integrated DNS zone, what computers can modify the zone?
any DC in the domain
Can .ZAP files be assigned?

Can they be published?
.ZAP files can be published to users, but not assigned
By default, who has permission to use Dynamic Updates?
Authenticated Users
How is the ntds.dit file moved from one partition to another on a DC?
boot into Directory Services Restore Mode, run ntdsutil, and enter "move db to"
What is the only mandatory requirement for AD DNS?
the ability to support SRV records
What version of BIND is necessary to support SRV records?
BIND 4.9.7
What three DNS features does BIND 8.2.1 support?
SRV records, dynamic updates, and IXFR
Why might the option "Control Access Through Remote Access Policy" be grayed out on users' accounts?
domain is in mixed mode
What two tools can be used to publish printers created on non-2000 machines?
AD Users and Computers, and PUBPRN.VBS
When is the ntds.dit file defragmented?
every 12 hours, when the garbage collection process runs
What type of DNS server is configured if NDS is installed while running DCPROMO?
What type of DNS server is configured if NDS is installed while running DCPROMO?
How can you ensure that 2 DC's in different sites are replication partners?
use AD Sites and Services to configure a connection object between them
What is the default tombstone lifetime interval?
60 days
What is the purpose of the tombstone lifetime interval?
to ensure that all deleted objects remain in AD until replication has occurred
What is the maximum number of members in a group?
What command-line tool can be used to determine whether users have access to Ad objects, as well as reset ACL's to their default values?
What utility can be used to reduce the size of the AD database?
What four subdomains are automatically created in DNS?
_msdcs, _sites, _tcp, and _udp
What command will automate the AD install?
dcpromo.exe /answer:<answerfile>
What are the four AD partitions?
domain, configuration, schema, and global catalog (only present on GC's)
What filesystems can the AD database and logfiles reside on?
FAT, FAT32, and NTFS
What filesystems can SYSVOL reside on?
NTFS 5 only
Does AD installation automatically configure DNS to allow automatic updates?
only if DNS is installed as part of AD installation