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What are bridgehead servers used for?
specifying which DC's are preferred for sending intersite replication information
Where in the Event Log can replication errors be found?
in the Directory Service log
What is a foreign security principal?
an object to which security can be assigned that is not part of the domain
What are the two main publishable objects in AD?
printers and shared folders
What tool is used to import and export AD information to and from CSV files?
the Comma-Separated Value Directory Exchange (CSVDE) tool
What settings take effect if there is a conflict between user and computer settings?
the user settings
What five administrative templates are included with Windows 2000?
common.adm, inetres.adm, system.adm, windows.adm, and winnt.adm
What does common.adm contain?
policy options common to 9x and NT4 machines
What does Inetres.adm contain?
IE options for 2000 clients
What does system.adm contain?
2000 configuration settings
What does Windows.adm contain?
9x configuration settings
What does winnt.adm contain?
NT4 configuration settings
Where are administrative templates stored?
What system monitor object would be used to monitor AD performance?
Windows NT Directory Service (NTDS)
What are the three System Monitor views?
Graph, Histogram, and Report
What are the three types of log files for Performance Monitor?
counter, trace, and alert
In what share should Group Policy scripts be placed for them to be accessible to other DC's?
What three services are automatically installed with RIS?
the Boot Information Negotiation Layer (BINL), TFTP, and the Single Instance Store
What are the minimum hardware requirements for a RIS server?
P1 166, 256Mb RAM, 2Gb free space, 10Mbps NIC, and a CD-ROM drive
What are the minimum hardware requirements for a RIS client?
P1 166, 32Mb RAM, 1.2Gb HDD, NIC (PXE or floppy drive as well)
What tool is used to manage RIS servers once the RIS service has been configured?
Active Directory Users and Computers
A RIS boot disk can contain drivers for how many NIC's?
only one
Where can a computer's GUID be found?
in the BIOS
What MMC is used to authorize a RIS server?
Active Directory replication operates in what mode (push/pull)?
pull only
What is the minimum right necessary to read the Security log on a 2000 server?
Manage Audit and Security Log
What is the role of the SysVol share on a DC?
distributing logon scripts and policy objects
Where is the physical storage of AD data performed?
in the Extensible Storage Engine
What three pieces of Group Policy behavior change when a slow link is detected?
IE maintenance is turned off, Software Installation is turned off, and Folder Redirection is turned off
Can a forest root domain be recovered if all DC's and backups for that domain are lost?
How can SysVol be moved to a new drive on a DC?
host the AD database on another DC, reinstall AD on the original DC, and replicate the AD database on the original DC
Who is allowed to configure DNS forwarding?
Enterprise Admins only
What can LDIFDE do that CSVDE cannot?
modify and delete accounts
Where are printers configured so that searches are automatically populated according to the user's site location?
GPO: Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Printers
How is an .MST attached to an .MSI that has already been deployed?
remove and redeploy the .MSI
What command-line tool is used to verify trust relationships?
What FSMO role should never be on a GC?
Infrastructure Master
What must be available for a user to log on to a domain other than the one their account was created in?
a Global Catalog
What tool is used to make a DC a GC server?
AD Sites and Services
What command-line tool is used to seize an FSMO role from a DC?