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What is the default TTL on a ping packet?
255 hops
What tool can be used to determine where on a route network problems occur?
What tool can be used to query DNS servers for host records?
What is the likely cause of problems if NWLink is installed, but the computer can't see NetWare resources?
the wrong frame type is selected
What will be the result if a default gateway is not configured for a client?
the client will be unable to send traffic anywhere except the local subnet, unless routes are manually added
What is the default DHCP lease duration?
8 hours
Would you want to set a DHCP scope intended for laptops to a longer or shorter lease duration than average?
shorter lease duration- laptops tend to connect/disconnect more frequently than other computers
How is a machine that a DHCP reservation created for identified?
by MAC address
How can a DHCP reservation be changed?
it must be deleted and re-added
What are the five methods of controlling what DHCP options a client receives?
predefined options, server options, scope options, class options, and client options
When different DHCP options are set at the server and scope levels, which take effect?
the scope options
What difficulty do DHCP class options present?
most clients can't utilize them
What DHCP feature are client options attached to?
DHCP reservations
What happens when a scope is removed?
all clients on that scope immediately release their IP addresses
What address range is reserved for multicasting? -
What protocol was defined to assign multicast addresses?
Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol (MADCAP)
Can a client use DHCP and MADCAP at the same time?
Can MADCAP assign options as part of the lease process?
no, only multicast IP addresses
What tool is used to configure a multicast scope?
the DHCP snap-in
What scope property exists to support multicasting for a single event
scope expiration
By default, how long does a multicast scope exist?
At which two levels can a DHCP server be told to use DDNS?
at the scope or server levels
What file stores the DHCP database?
What is Dhcp.tmp? When might it be seen?
a backup copy of the database created during re-indexing - it may be seen if the service fails during re-indexing and can't remove it
What is J50.log?
a DHCP logfile that stores changes before they're written to the database
What is J50.chk?
a DHCP checkpoint file that tells the DHCP engine which log files still need to be recovered
What are two possible causes if DHCP lease information does not match what is on the network?
the DHCP service is not started, or the DHCP database is corrupt
What are the four steps in repairing a corrupt DHCP database?
stop the DHCP service; delete everything in %systemroot%\system32\DHCP; restart the DHCP service; and reconcile the scope
By default, how often does the DHCP service back up its database?
every 15 minutes
How can the DHCP backup interval be adjusted?
by editing the Backup Interval value under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\
In what two places is DHCP lease information recorded?
in the DHCP database and the DHCP server's registry
What does reconciling a DHCP scope do?
cross-checks the DHCP database with the DHCP server's registry and fixes any inconsistencies
What tool is used to reconcile a DHCP scope?
the DHCP snap-in
What happens to current leases in a scope when it is deactivated?
clients continue to use the addresses until the lease expires
How many superscopes can a DHCP server support?