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What are the "four R's" of WINS message exchange?
name registration, name renewal, name release, name resolution
What is the maximum length of a NetBIOS name?
15 characters
What happens if a WINS client attempts to register its name but cannot contact the primary or secondary WINS server?
it sends out an NBT broadcast
When does a WINS client first attempt to renew its lease?
When the lease is half over
When does a WINS client send its second lease renewal request?
when the lease is 87.5% (7/8) up
When is a WINS name release message normally sent?
When a client shuts down cleanly
What is the maximum number of dial-up connections supported by 2000 Server?
255, though by that time the server would probably be overloaded
What six protocols run on top of PPP?
Link Control Protocol (LCP), CHAP, Callback Control Protocol (CBCP), Compression Control Protocol (CCP), IP Control Protocol (IPCP), and IP
What does the Link Control Protocol do?
handles the establishment of the lowest-level PPP link
What is an MTU?
Maximum Transmission Unit- the largest packet that can be sent over the link
What three protocols can Windows 2000 route?
IPX, TCP/IP, and AppleTalk
What additional step must be taken to route AppleTalk?
Services for Macintosh (SFM) must be installed
What three routing protocols does Windows 2000 support by default?
RIP v.1, RIP v.2, and OSPF
What entities utilize the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)?
routers that connect to the Internet backbone
What advantages does static routing have over dynamic routing?
static routing is faster and more efficient
What advantage does RIP v.2 have over RIP v.1?
the ability to receive triggered updates
How do RIP versions 1 and 2 differ in how updates are sent?
RIP v.1 sends broadcasts every 30 seconds; v. 2 sends multicasts only when routes change
What security feature does RIP v.2 support?
cleartext usernames and passwords
What do route filters do?
select which networks should be known and updates accepted from
What do peer filters do?
determine which routers a router will listen to
What are two methods used by RIP to prevent route loops?
split-horizon and poison reverse algorithms
How many hops can RIP support?
What is OSPF's network map called?
link state map
What are the two steps in the ISAKMP process?
negotiating the ISAKMP SA and exchanging the master key
What are the three steps in negotiating the ISAKMP SA?
determining the encryption algorithm to be used; determining the message integrity algorithm to be used; and determining what method to use to authenticate connections
What are the four IPSec encryption algorithm options?
DES, 3DES, 40-bit DES, and no encryption
What two algorithms can be used for message integrity?
MD5 and SHA1
What are the three options on how to authenticate IPSec connections?
public-key certificates, shared secret keys, and Kerberos
What protocol is used to determine a shared master key?
What component connects to AD and downloads the domain IPSec policy?
the IPSec Policy Agent
What VPN solution should be used if non-Microsoft technologies are involved?
What do OSPF routers use instead of a routing table?
a link state map (database)
What is used to encrypt PPTP packets?
What protocols can PPTP tunnel?
TCP/IP only
What does Microsoft call IPX/SPX?
What two protocols are installed when NWLink is installed?
NWLink and and NWLink NetBIOS
What does NWLink NetBIOS do?
encapsulates NWLink traffic in NetBIOS traffic
What are the four available NWLink frame types?
Ethernet 802.2, Ethernet 802.3, Ethernet II, and Ethernet SNAP
What is multihoming?
using multiple IP addresses on a single NIC