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How does a NAT server know who to rout packets to?
it places a random source port on each packet and records that in the NAT table
What does a NAT editor do?
changes addressing information within packet payloads
How many public IP addresses can ICS handle?
What address block does ICS use?
How many adapters are required to run ICS?
Which adapter should ICS be installed on?
the internet-facing adapter
When using ICS, what IP address and subnet mask are assigned to the non-Internet facing NIC?
IP address of
What two services are configured when ICS is installed?
Internet Connection Sharing and DHCP Address Allocator
How is ICS installed?
check "Enable Internet Connection Sharing For This Connection" on an internet-facing interface
How would a local mail server be made Internet-accessible with ICS?
by using the Services tab
What six services has Microsoft pre-configured for use with ICS?
FTP, IMAP3, IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, and Telnet
What are the three components of NAT?
translation component, addressing component, and name resolution component
With NAT, what static route needs to be added to the internet-facing adapter?

Why? this forces RRAS to send all traffic across this interface
What tool is used to install NAT?
RRAS snap-in
What order should NAT interfaces be created in?
the local NIC interface should be created first, followed by the Internet-facing interface
In terms of addressing, what ability is provided with NAT that ICS lacks?
the ability to provide a custom pool of IP addresses for clients
In NAT, what check box specifies whether the NAT editors are active?
Translate TCP/UDP headers
In NAT, what is defined on the Address Pool tab?
the list of public IP addresses available
On the NAT Address Pool tab, what does the Reservations button do?
reserves specific public IP addresses for specific internal hosts (e.g., webservers, mail servers)
What does the NAT Special Ports tab do?
channels incoming traffic on a particular port to a particular port on an internal host
What are the two parts of a certificate?
public key and attributes
How are a certificate's public key and attributes tied together?
the entire certificate is digitally signed by the issuing CA
How is a client configured to trust an enterprise CA in its domain?
it is configured automatically- clients always trust enterprise CA's in their own domain
Where do enterprise CA's publish certificates and CRL's to?
Active Directory
What does an enterprise CA do with certificate requests?
automatically approves or denies them- enterprise CA's never place requests in pending status
What does a standalone CA do with certificate requests?
places them in pending status
What is a policy module?
a set of rules that governs how a CA handles a certificate request
What is an exit module?
a set of rules that specifies where and how a new certificate is published
What three things does Microsoft's standard policy module do?
marks certificate requests as approved, denied, or pending; adds an attribute listing the location of the issuing CA's certificate; and lists the location of the issuing CA's CRL
What three things can Microsoft's standard exit module do with issued certificates?
publish them to AD; store them in a shared folder; and e-mail them to the requestor
What two things can't be done to a computer once a certificate authority has been installed?
it can't be renamed, and it can't be added to or removed from an AD domain
Why is it impossible to change any identifying information once a CA has been installed?
identifying information is encoded in the CA's certificate
What happens if a CA's certificate is lost?
all certificates issued by that CA must be reissued
What five folders appear below each CA in the Certification Authority snap-in?
Revoked Certificates, Issued Certificates, Pending Requests, Failed Requests, and Policy Settings
What does the Policy Settings folder in the Certification Authority snap-in show?
certificate templates available for use
What are the two steps to backing up a CA?
use the Certificate Authority Backup wizard to copy the CA's data, and back up the files using Windows Backup or another backup utility
Why is it important to use the Certificate Authority Backup Wizard to back up CA data, rather than backing it up manually?
the Certificate Authority Backup Wizard can back up a CA's data while that CA is running
What format are a CA's private key and certificate backed up in?
a PKCS#12 file
What filename is assigned for a backup of a CA's private key and certificate?
What is the name assigned to a CA's backed-up data?
What requirement exists for the directory that a CA's data is backed up to?

the directory must be empty- existing backups in the directory will be overwritten