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5 steps to follow: Step 1
Review the _ and _ _ for Error Messages
System and Security Logs
5 steps to follow: Step 2
Confirm That a _ _ is Established Between the Computers
Security Association
5 steps to follow: Level 3
Ensure That the _ Are Assigned to Both Computers
5 steps to follow: Step 4
Ensure that the policies are _ with each other
5 steps to follow: Step 5
Ensure That All _ Are _
You want to test communications between the workstation and the server - how would you test the connection without IPSEC?
Stop the IP Policy agent via the Services control applet or use the command net stop policyagent
Use _ _to confirm that a security association is established between the computers to ensure that the IPSec policy is in effect.
IPSec Monitor
Use IPSec Monitor to confirm that a _ _ is established between the computers to ensure that the IPSec policy is in effect.
security association
Use _ _ _ _to ensure that the policies have been assigned to both computers.
IP Security Policy Management
Use IP Security Policy Management to _ the _ on both computers and ensure that the policies are _ with each other.
Restart the IPSec _ _ to ensure that all changes that you have made are applied.
Security Monitor
You are receiving complaints from users about authentication problems on the network. You suspect authentication or security association failures, possibly indicating incompatible security policy settings. What would you use to confirm that this is the case?

A) Security logs.

B) IPSec Monitor.

C) IP Security Policy Management.

D) IPSec Security Monitor.
B. Use IPSEC Monitor to verify the SA