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You can use the _ command to configure DHCP from a command prompt or to script DHCP commands for automatic DHCP configuration.
A _ is a range of valid _ _ that are available for lease or assignment to client computers on a particular _.
IP addresses
_ _ allow the DHCP to configure additional information with an IP address lease, such as gateway, WINS, etc.
scope option
DHCP applies scope options to client computers in a specific _
You can also configure a scope so that the DHCP server always provides the same _ _ to a particular computer
IP address
In Windows 2000, you create a scope by using the _ _wizard
New Scope
Scope Parameters: Name
The name of the scope
Scope Parameters: Start IP address and End IP address
Address range that can be assigned
Scope Parameters: Length or Subnet mask
Subnet mask to be assigned to clients
Scope Parameters: Exclusion address
range (optional)
Addresses that can be excluded from the range
Scope Parameters: Lease duration
Duration of the lease
After you create a scope, you cannot change the _ _ that the scope assigns.
subnet mask
After you create a scope, you cannot change the subnet mask that the scope assigns. To change this scope information, you must _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ with the correct information.
delete the scope
create a new scope
When you decrease lease durations, clients obtain leases even if only a _ _ addresses are available. In addition, leases _ _ after computers are turned off or removed from the network, allowing their _ _ to be assigned to other computers.
few IP
expire shortly
IP addresses
When you decrease lease durations, clients obtain newly assigned settings _.
When you decease lease durations, clients obtain newly assigned settings _.
Short lease durations generate _ _ _.
More network traffic
Increasing lease durations reduce _ _.
network traffic
Increasing lease durations cause clients to retain IP Addresses even if the _ _ is _
DHCP server is unavailable
Increasing lease durations _ the amount of addresses that are available
Longer lease durations can lengthen the _ with which client computers receive _ _.
updated information
With unlimited lease durations , network traffic is generated only when _ _ _.
a computer starts
A client computer with an unlimited lease will only obtain _ _ _ when they are _.
updated lease settings
You can configure scope options at four levels: _, _, _, and _ client.
server, scope, class, and reserved
TCP/IP properties that are specified on the client computer take _ _ any information that a DHCP server provides.
precedence over
You configure a client reservation to reserve a specific IP address for use by a _ _ _ so that the client computer always has the same _
DHCP client computer
One property within a DHCP _ that cannot be modified is the subnet _ .
If a user modifies the client TCP/IP settings, the modified settings will take precedence over settings that would have been provided by a _ server.