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What two files are necessary for a static phone book?
a .PBK file and a .PBR file
How are RRAS permissions administered when RRAS is set to Access By User?
each user account is set to Allow Access or Deny Access
What are user permissions set to for RRAS in a Windows 2000 native-mode domain?
Control Access Through Remote Access Policy
What are RRAS user permissions set to in a Windows 2000 mixed-mode domain?
Allow Access
How many VPN ports are created when a RAS server is configured?
5 PPTP ports and 5 L2TP ports
How many VPN ports are created when a VPN server is configured?
128 PPTP ports and 128 L2TP ports
What OS's have a native VPN client?
2000 and above
When using CMAK, what protocol is used to get a new phone book?
How often are security settings refreshed on a workstation or server?
every 90 minutes
How often are security settings refreshed on a domain controller?
every 5 minutes
What is the default size of each event log?
512 Kb
What four services is IIS capable of logging events for?
What command can be used to dump event logs?
Where can dumpel.exe be obtained?
from the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit
What does dumpel.exe do?
dumpe an event log into a tab-separated text file
What does the dumpel.exe switch -f do?
specifies the output file (required)
What log does dumpel dump by default?
the Application log
What does the dumpel switch -e do?
searches for specific event ID's
What does the dumpel switch -r do?
specifies whether to filter for specific events, or to filter them out
What logs can dumpel.exe manage?
the Application, Security, and System logs only
Other than a GUI, what advantage does EventCombMT have over dumpel.exe?
it is able to examine any event log
Where are IIS logs stored?
What are the six types of viruses?
Parasitic, Bootstrap, Multipartite, Companion, Link, and Data File
How are bootstrap viruses normally spread?
via physical disk exchange
How does a Companion-style virus work?
the virus creates a file with the same name as an existing file, which the OS runs
What is another name for a data file virus?
a macro virus
What are the four basic tasks of computer forensics?
collection, examination, preservation, and presentation
What is loopback processing mode used for?
enforcing machine-specific settings in a Group Policy environment
What file contains settings for URLscan?