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Define Rescue?
Removal and Treatment of victims from Natural Elements
Define Extrication?
Removal and Treatment of victims from Man Made Elements
List different types of Hydraulic Tools and their operating PSI?
Speaders, 22K; Shears, 30K; Rams, 15K (7.5K closing), Combination
Define Inverter?
Converts vehicle power (12 or 24 volt DC) to 110 or 220 volt AC
What are the advantages and disadvantages of an inverter?
Adv. - Fuel efficient and Low Noise; Disadv. - Limited Mobility
List concerns for vehicle accident size up?
Entrapment, Injuries, Traffic, Stability, Fire, Hazmat, Utilities, Additional Resource Needs
List concerns when assessing a vehicle involved in an accident?
Number of victims, severity of injuries, condition of vehicle, extrication needs, hazards
List concerns when assessing the area around a vehicle accident?
Other vehicles involved, victims thrown, utility damage
What is the goal of vehicle stabilization?
Maximize contact between vehicle and ground
What are 3 methods of vehicle access?
Door, Window, Body
What are 2 types of auto glass?
Safety (Laminated) and Tempered
What are 2 objectives of a building search?
Find victim and find fire
When is a primary search conducted?
Before or during fire attack
When is a secondary search conducted?
After fire is controlled
What are the most critical floors in multistory fires?
Fire floor, Floor above fire, Top floor
Fire floor, Floor above fire, Top floor
Pancake, both outer walls fail; U Shape, roof and floors fail; Lean To, 1 outer wall fails; Cantilever, 1 outer wall fails and floors remain attached
Which type of collapse is the least stable?