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an original
page 12: the first one of a group, the real one
a manuscript
Page 12: an original copy of a book, usually a handwritten copy of a book...a rough draft of a written document
12: name of an ancient language spoken by people in Iceland
12: stupidity (noun)
a morsel
12: a small piece of something
be ancient
12: be old, be very old
to decipher
12: to figure out, to decode
16: hardly, barely,
a cryptograph
18: a puzzle
18: (n) trash, garbage
a triumph, to triumph
20: a victory, to win
the sixteenth century
1500-1599: any of these years is called the sixteenth century
the seventeenth century
1600, 1601 --- 1699: any of these years is called the seventeenth century
be astounding
20: amazing, unbelievable, awesome
to yield
20: to let go, to reveal, to stand down. When you see a 'YIELD" sign on the road, you let the other driver go first. You 'let go' of your progress first until the other guy goes.
20: the ancient language of the Romans; the grandfather language to many European languages
be enraged
22: be beserk, be super angry
24: a quick look
a verge
18: a sharp edge
20: many different kinds
be audacious
28: be brave, be courageous, be bold, be fearless