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name india comes from ?
Indus = Sindhu in Sanskrit
Bharata comes from?
Rigveda - group of people that lived in North West
What does AD in a date stands for?
Anno Domini - latin - meaning - in the year of the Lord.
What does CE stands for in dates
Common Era - BCE = Before common Era
BP = Before Present
The First Cities on the Indus formed ? years ago.
Big Kingdom in Ganga Valley is called and formed around?
Magadha and around 2500 years ago
Palaeolithic (-2Mil to -12,000 years)
palaeo + Lithos = Old + Stone in Greek
Mesolithic ( 12,000 to 10,000 years ago)
Middle Stone Age - People made stone tools that are called Microliths
Neolithic (From 10,000 years ago
Upper stone age
During Palaeolithic period, Ostriches are found in this region of India?
Patne in Maharashtra.