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Anticipate an'ti'ci'pate

v-1.To look forward to;to expect
2.To be aware of and provide before hand
We anticipated having a good time at the party.
Bankrupt bank'rupt

adj-1.Unable to pay one's debts and freed by law from doing so
2.Left without any worth or value
v-To leave without worth or value
His extravagances bankrupt him.
Breif breef

adj-Short;not long lasting
v-To give a short explanation or set of instructions to
n-A statement,giving the main points in a case,for use in a court of law
An assistant breifed the mayor before the debate.
Brisk brisk'

The runners kept a brisk pace at the start of the race.
Budget bu'jet

n-A plan for spending money during a certain period
v-To plan the use of carefully
A part-time job may affect your schoolwork unless you budget your time.
Compete com'peete

v-To try to win against others

Competition,n-1.The act of trying to win against others
2.A contest

Competitor,n-One who competes against others
Five studebts competed for 1st prize.
Complicate com'pli'cate

v-To make difficult

Complicated,adj-Not easy or simple;having many different parts
An extra guest may complicate the seating for a formal dinner.
Effect e'ffect

v-To make happen
n-A result

Effective,adj-1.Bringign about the desired result
2.In operation;active
3.Making a strong and favorable impression
Gargling with salt and water is an effective treament for a minor sore throat.
Err err
Erroneous er'ro'knee'us

v-To be wrong or to do wrong

Error,n-A mistake

The facts are correct,but the conclusion is erroneous.
Factor fac'ter

n-Something that contributes to a result
Paying attention and studying diligently are two factors in getting good grades.
Fad fad

n-Something that is very popular for a short time the forgotten
Ankle braclets were fad one summer.
Gripe gripe

v-1.To complain
2.To annoy or irritate
n-A complaint
Children always gripe about getting up early.
Knack nack

n-A spacial talent or skill;ability to do something easily
My mother has a knack for making friends wherever she goes.
Leisure lee'shure

n-Free time not taken up with work

The cuople strolled at a leisurely pace throught the park.
Unique u'neek

adj-The only one of it's kind
The platypus,a mammal that lays eggs,is unique among animals.