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Abandon a'ban'den

v-1.To give up by leaving in time of danger
2.To lose or give up completely
3.To draw help or support from one in need
The captain gave the order to abandon the ship when it began to sink.
Adverary ad'ver'sery

n-An enemy or opponent
France and Germany were adversaries in two world wars but now enjoy friendly relations.
Baffle ba'full

v-To confuse;to prevent from understanding
Alice was baffled by their innapropriate behavior and didn't know how to respond.
Blunder blun'der

n-A stupid or careless mistake
v-1.To make such a mistake
2.To move in a clumsy or careless way
The sheriff of Nottinham blundered into the trap Robin Hoo had set for him.
Colassal col'as'el

adj-Very big;enormous
The colassal size of the Great Wall is what impressed the tourists the most.
Detect dee'tect

v-To discover something not easily noticed
Thw witness did not detect anything unusual that day.
Haul hall

v-To pull or carry with effort
n-1.The amount caught or taken at one time
2.The distance traveled or to be traveled
We haul the boat out of the water every winter.
Overpower o'ver'po'wer

v-To get the better of;to defeat
The theives overpowered the guards and left them tied up out in the hall.
Rejoice ree'joyce

v-To be very happy
The team rejoiced when they won the lacrosse game.
Scoff scof

v-To mock;to ridicule
People once scoffed at the idea of space travel.
Sentinel sen'tin'el

n-One who keeps watch or guard a point of entry
Sentinel were posted to warn of the enemy's approach.
Siege seege

n-The surrounding of a place to force it to surrender
The siege of Lennigrad by the German army lasted from 1941 to 1944.
Sinister sin'is'ter

adj-Suggesting or leading to evil or harm
The villian's sinister words "I'll be back" sent shivers down our spines.
Victor victor

n-The winner in a contest of struggle

Victorios,adj-Successful in a contest or battle
The victorious debate team was honoreeed at a ceremony attended by the mayor.
Woe wo

n-1.Deep distress or misery

Woeful,adj-1.Full of woe;unhappy
2.Very bad;wretched
The country's woes cannot be cured overnight.