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Complicatedl involved; detailed.
-Mrs. Moskowitz crocheted intricate patterns into her beautiful afghans.
-The plot of Miss Polly Got a Dolly was so intricate that Tina was confused after the first chapter.
Unpleasantly damp.
-The basement of the abondoned mansion was dank and dark and full of creepy, crawly creatures.
-Frogs need a dank environment in order to survive.
Dull; lacking brightness
-The golden retriever's coat was usually shiny, but it looked lackluster after the dog rolled in the dirt for 10 minutes.
Unable to be heard.
-The noise coming from the closet was nearly inaudible, but Jeremy thought he heard the sound of a whimpering puppy.
-The sound was so soft it was almost inaudible. Stil, at 3:00AM, it scared Rick half to death.
To cut or tear off the limbs.
-Rachel was pretty sure she could sit through the horror movie. However, when the zombies started to dismember a giraffe, she had to leave.
To place under water.
-The swimming teacher won't let us leave class until we have completely submerged our heads in the pool.
-Billy submerged his rubber ducky in the bath tub.
Shiny; glossy.
-From the top of the mountain, Harold admired the lustrous light reflected off the ski slopes.
-The movie star's lustrous hair shimmered under the huge stage lights.
-The inebriated man was lucky he wasn't killed when he drove his car into the side of a cement truck.
-Johnny never believed the wild stories his neighbor told when she was inebriated.
To think deeply or consider carefully.
-The old man loved to sit on a park bench all day and ponder the meaning of life.
-Camille's mother sent her to her room to ponder why hitting her little sister was wrong.
Genuine; real.
-The man was arrested because the signature on his check was not authentic.
-"This is an authentic 1920s haribrush," explained the antique dealter. "That's why I'm charging $60 for it."
To Force.
-Because the evidence was so overwhelming, the jury felt compelled to find Sam guilty.
-Because Lorraine was so nasty to the customers, her supervisor at Pizza Palace was compelled to fire her.
Cheerful, friendly.
-Katie is always smiling. She is the genial person at school.
-Conrad is not particularly funny or brilliant, but everbody likes him because he is so genial.