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What is the Industry Revolution?
It's a change from making things handmade to machine made.
When did it start? End?
End-still going on
Why is the word "Revolution" misnamed?
Because this is an evolution.
What changes were there in
a.Crop rotation
b.Scientific Animal Breeding
a. Crop rotation-1st times-Crop 1, Crop 2, and Fallow
2nd Time-Crop 1, Crop 2, Crop3
3rd Time-Fertilizer
b.Scientific Animal Breeding- Would give extra crops to animal stock so the animals would be bigger to eat
c.The "ENCLOSURE ACT"-when they close the fields and won't allow anyone to work there; they are forced to work in a factory
What do need for factory?
1.Out of work farmers for workers
2. Raw materials