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In which hemisphere is Latin America located?
Western Hemisphere
Why is Mexico's Central Plateau such an important region?
This plateau contains most of Mexico's important cities and best farmland.
What made the soil of Central America so fertile?
vocanic ash
Two ways Caribbean islands were formed:
1. tops of underwater mountains
2. coral (skeletons of small sea animals)
In the Andes, what does elevation determine?
types of crops grown
Central America uses many of its rivers to produce...
Name the three regions of Latin America:
1. Mexico/Central America
2. Caribbean
3. South America
Where is the world's largest rainforest located?
Amazon River Basin
Name three things which contributed to the Spanish victory over the Aztecs:
1. Diseases
2. Native American allies
for the Spanish soldiers
3. horses and superior weapons
First European colony to win its independence:
After they gained independence, what did most caudillos want?
They wanted to get rich and stay in power.
Why can't we say that investments by foreign companies were good for Latin American countries?
Many of the companies made huge profits but did little to help the countries.
Two major cities of the Maya:
Copan and Tikal
Most important city of the Aztecs?
Line of Demarcaton:
Divided control of the Americas between Portugal and Spain.
The growing population of Mexico means that more people are...
moving to the cities to find jobs.
Largest country in South America:
First people living in the Caribbeans?
Official language of most of Central America:
Why do so many people from Mexico and Central America migrate to the U.S.?
They are trying to find jobs.
The three cultures which have had the greatest influence on Latin America:
1. Native American
2. European
3. African
Small farms in Latin America usually grow enough to...
feed their own families and livestock.
Large farms and plantations in Latin America usually grow enough to...
export to other countries for a profit.