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Name difficulties farmers face in Central Africa.
poor soil, difficult preparation of land because of simple tools, few ways to store harvested food safely, disease that makes livestock and people sick, and destruction of crops by crowds of locusts.
What type of climate does Central Africa have?
an equatorial climate (where the temperature remains high at 80 degrees F) with rain forest and savanna.
What carries a dreaded disease called sleeping sickness and is passed by a bite?
tsetse fly
What is the difference between a rain forest and a jungle?
The canopy is so thick on a rain forest that little light reaches the floor which is relatively clear of plants. A jungle is thick with vegetation.
A very fertile layer of decayed plant material that forms slowly, and is lacking in the rain forest.
This "green sea" surface is formed by thousands of leafy, umbrella like treetops, therefore allows very little light to reach the ground level and is called what?
What is a very small and usually uninhabited island called?
An overgrown, thick tangled mass of tropical vegetation characterizes what?
Site some obstacles to West Africa's development.
LACK OF MONEY to invest in mining of vast resources, building of roadways/train routes, and harnessing of electric power abilities on rivers. Lack of political stability, education, modern agricultural and manufacturing methods, and threats from disease, locusts, and poor soil all obstruct development.
The landscape of Central Africa is dominated by this as it drains over 1,425,000 sq mi in five countries.
The Zaire River Basin
A process in which nutrients in the top layers of the soil are washed down into the lower soil layers and cause infertile soil.
What is a family of African languages and spoken by the majority of farmers in Central Africa?
When European countries stripped Africa of its vast resources without returning much economically, it was considered what type of practice?
What are the main economic activities in Central Africa?
farming, trading, and hunting/gathering
Name three major rivers in Central Africa
Ubanji, Zaire and the Kasai.
Verbalize some major bodies of water found in or near Central Africa.
Atlantic Ocean
Lakes Mweni, Tanganyika, Edward, and Albert.