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GFAP Producers

CNS Infections

Arachnoid Granulations

Secondary to other infections. Hematogenous spread

Recycling CSF

What causes multinucleated giant cells?

What causes abscesses and cerebritis?
Primarily bacterial (lepto = pia, brain parenchymal invasion)

Fungal and tuberculoid infections

Primarily bacterias
What causes encephalitis?

Tropisms of HIV, polio, Herpes?

What causes nuclear inclusions?

Immune cells, motorneurons, temporal lobe

Viruses...propogation IN nucleus (Negri body = rabies)
HIV predisposes to:
Viruses: PML (from JC virus), Herpes, CMV
Bacteria: MAI, Toxoplasmosis, cryptococcal meningoencephalitis,
Neoplasms: Kaposi's, primary lymphomas
PML traits:

JC virus, immunocompromised, demyelination of white matter.

Cysts, fungi-related. Giesma stain
Spongiform Encephalitis
Look like spongy tissues. CJD or BSSE. 100% mortality. Dendrite swelling
Causes of CJD
85% sporadic...corneal transplants, neurosurgery to replace dura, hormone treatment. Can transplant from one patient to another (protein hypothesis)
CJD specifics
Mutations in PRNP (esp. codon 129...methionine and valine) Normal = alpha-helix. Intermediate. BAD = b-sheets
Fungal infection. Asparagus! Holes in lung