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What is chapter 3 of the Medical Augmentation Program?
Administration of Deployable Personnel.
What must be completed by sourcing commands for all deployable personnel?
Augmentation records, uniforms, identification, and administrative and clerical requirements.
What administrative and clerical requirements are required?
* Letter of assignment

* OPMAV 1740/1 (Dependent care arrangements)

* Security clearance (if needed)
Who receives Geneva Convention Cards?
Medical and religious personnel only.
How long do personnel have to complete the augmentation readiness checklist requirements?
60 days
How often is the augmentation readiness checklist verified?
Who verifies the augmentation readiness checklist?
What is R-0 on the readiness measurement table?
Onboard less than 60 days.
What is R-1 on the readiness measurement table?
> than or = to 90% complete
What is R-2 on the readiness measurement table?
> than or = to 80% complete
What is R-3 on the readiness measurement table?
> than or = to 70% complete
What is R-4 on the readiness measurement table?
< than 70% complete
What is R-5 on the readiness measurement table?
Who corrects all administrative requirement deficiencies?