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An account manager should recommend a wide-area network (WAN) solution that includes universal gateways to a potential customer that __________.

A. Requires mobility for offsite personnel who work at local client locations.
B. Requires collaboration between project teams at different locations around campus.
C. Requires flexibility for remote workers who connect to the company from their homes.
D. Has enterprise branch offices that must connect to the Internet over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
Which part of a wide-area network (WAN) handles the major traffic, employs the highest-speed transmission paths in the network, and may also run the longest distance?

A. Edge
B. Backbone
C. Access point
D. Frame Relay
Cisco offers several router products for companies with Frame Relay networks.
Typically, smaller remote sites can use routers from which two Cisco series? (Choose two)

A. 2600 Series
B. 3600 Series
C. 6500 Series
D. 7500 Series
E. 7600 Series
A, B
Which Cisco router series is the premier high-end platform for service-provider backbone and edge applications that support DS3 for Frame Relay?

A. 7600 Series
B. 10000 Series
C. 12000 Series
D. 15000 Series
A large online retailer is seeking a technology solution to increase the speed, security, and reliability of synchronized exchange of customer account information between a primary and standby corporate data center. Which technology is most capable of providing this benefit?

A. Cable modem
B. Optical network
C. Internet Protocol (IP) telephony
D. Wireless local-area network (WLAN)