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What are the Dorsal and Ventral Streams?
Visual processing streams
What is the Dorsal stream concerned with?
The analysis of object LOCATIONS and movements in space
Where does the Dorsal stream project from and to?
From V1
To Superior Parietal Lobe
What is the Ventral stream concerned with?
Processing and storing information about identity
Where does the Ventral stream project from and to?
From V1 to occipitotemporal lobe
Dorsal stream is the __ system
Ventral stream is the __ system
Dorsal = Where
Ventral = what
What is Agnosia?
A failure to recognize a perception, though the brain's elementary sensory functions are intact.
What are 4 disorders of the dorsal stream?
-Balint's syndrome
-Unilateral neglect (hemispatial)
-Apperceptive Agnosia
-Optic ataxia
What are 3 disorders of the ventral stream?
-Associative Agnosia
-Primary Alexia
What is the cause of Balint's sydrome?
Bilateral parietal lesions
What is wrong in Balint's syndrome?
The patient can see an object, but can't touch it bc can't reach its accurate location.
What is hemispatial (unilateral) neglect?
Failure to respond to anything on one side of the body
What side of the body does lesion cause hemispatial neglect?
The contralateral side
Where does the lesion causing hemispatial neglect occur?
At the parieto-temporal junction
Can patients with left hemispatial neglect see their left side?
Yes; elementary visual sensation is normal.
Why don't patients with left hemispatial neglect respond to anything in the left hemisphere?
Because they have problems disengaging from an attended location.
What is the most common side to have hemispatial neglect?
What is the most common cause of left hemispatial neglect?
Right sided parietal lobe stroke
What is a common symptom of left hemispatial neglect in men?
They only shave the right half of their face.
And again; the most common lesion location in unilateral neglect syndrome is?
Right temporoparietal
What does Posner Spatial Orienting Task testing in left hemispatial neglect patients show?
That they have much longer reaction times to invalid cues, so problems disengaging from attended locations.
Why is it that left hemispatial neglect is most common?
Because there are differences in how much the left versus right hemisphere maintain awareness to space.
What space is the left hemisphere responsible for maintaining attention to?
Right hemispace
What space is the right hemisphere responsible for maintaining attention to?
Both right and left
So what happens when you lesion the left hemisphere at the parietotemporal junction?
The right hemisphere takes over for attention to the right hemispace, so neglect is not seen.
What happens when you lesion the right hemisphere at the parietotemporal junction?
All attention to the left hemisphere is lost, so Left Hemispatial Neglect.
What type of stream is affected in left hemispatial neglect?
What stream is affected in Apperceptive Agnosia?
Optic Ataxia?
Both = Dorsal
What causes Apperceptive Agnosia?
Bilateral damage to the parietal cortex
What is the problem in Apperceptive Agnosia?
An inability to see more than one object at one time
If you have a bunch of different colored dots what is required for a patient with Apperceptive Agnosia to differentiate them?
They have to be connected
What causes optic ataxia?
Parietal lesions
What is Optic ataxia?
The inability to make visually guided arm movements on the contralateral side.
What happens if a person with optic ataxia reaches to touch a target on the ipsilateral side?
They're on target and accurate.
What are the 3 ventral stream diseases?
1. Associative Agnosia
2. Prosopagnosia
3. Primary Alexia
What is the problem in Associative Agnosia?
Inability to recognize objects by sight, but can use other senses like touch to do it.
What is the neurological defect that causes Associative Agnosia?
Visual-verbal disconnection
What is Prosopagnosia?
A selective deficit in recognizing faces
Where is the lesion that causes prosopagnosia?
In the lingual and fusiform gyri
What is Primary alexia?
Word blindness
What happens to patients with primary alexia?
They can't read but they can write.