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What is geography?
Geo = Earth
Graphos/Graphien = To Write write about the Earth
What is Contemporary Geography?
...the positions of objects on the surface of the Earth & the reasons for that location.
What two questions should be asked when dealing with geography?
...Where? & Why?

Where = positions
Why = location
What is Physical Geography?
...SPATIAL(arrangement) features of the NATURAL ENVOINMENT(Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, & Atmosphere).
Lithosphere deals with?
...Land (N)
Hydrosphere deals with?
...Water (H2O)
Atmosphere deals with?
...Air (O2)
What is Geology? with the origin & structure of the Earth.
Who is Alexander the Great?
...In 5000 B.C. he was the greatest military strategist. He asked the people of Egypt to teach him and his scholars about their land and was one of the first people to write about the Earth.
What is Geomorphology?
...DISTRIBUTION(spread) of land forms
What is climatology?
...Previous weather phenomenan
What is meterology?
What is Oceanography?
...Distribution of the oceans of the Earth.
What is Ecology?
...Conserving the Earth
What is Enviornmental Studies?
...Enviornmental Justice
(Why Chemical Plants are placed where they are located and the affects it has on the people/animals living in that area)
What is Remote Sensing?
...Satellite Imagery
What is Catography?
...Art & science of map making.
What is Human Geography?
...DISTRIBUTION(spread) of HUMAN ACTIVITIES(culture = the way people do things).
Why don't we use the term "Civilization" in Geography?
...It is people's personal opinions about the world.
What is Quanitative Research & when and where did it start?
...To go against the original theories of geography/field research.

Started @ Ohio State Univ. in 1965
What is the Population Problem?
...Population resources remain the same even though the population continues to increase.

**R.A. Calhoun with the Breeding Rats.