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synapse is the junction between
1 neuron and another
most ____ are axodendritic or axosomatic (axons touch)
2 types of synapses
electrical - chemical
chemical synapse needs a
chemical neurotransmitter
electrical synapses are ____ common
in an electrical synapse protein channels connect ____ ____ directly to ____ ____
presynaptic neurons - postsynaptic neurons
in an electrical synapse ions flow
from 1 neuron to the next
transmissions in an electrical synapse are ____
electrical synapses are located in some ____ ____
brain areas
most types of synapses are ____
in chemical synapse ____ are released from synaptic knob of ____ ____
neurotransmitter - presynaptic neuron
in chemical synapse ____ binds to ____ on ____ ____
neurotransmitter - receptors - postsynaptic membrane
in chemical synapse binding of neurotransmitter to receptor causes ____ to change in ____ ____
permeability - postsynaptic membrane
neurotransmitters are released at ____ synapse
neurotransmitters are ____ produced in the ____ ____ or ____ ____ of the neuron
chemicals - cell body - synaptic knob
neurotransmitters are stored in ____ ____ in the ____ ____
synaptic vesicles - synaptic knob
____ ____ causes release of neurotransmitters into the ____ ____
nerve impulses - synaptic cleft
when bound to receptors on the ____ ____, the neurotransmitter can either ____ or ____ the postsynaptic neuron
postsynaptic neuron - excite - inhibit