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Name the mechanisms of defense in cold invasion
Contraction/Constriction of pores (no sweat)- Circulation of blood to the surface is constricted (aversion to cold) - Wei Qi engages the surface (fever, body aches) - Elimination fx restricted (constipation, dec. urination) - Overall feeling of tension
Taiyang primary tx
In taiyang the pathogen is...
Headache - Stiff neck - Sensitivity to wind - Pulse is floating - 3 days to expel
Shaoyang primary tx
Harmonize exterior/interior
In shaoyang the pathogen is...
Interior and superficial
Alternating chills and fever (key sx) - digestive issues/nausea - lung involved, chest congestion - irritability - fever, thirst, persperation - bitter taste in mouth - red eyes - dry throat - hearing issues - Pulse is rapid - 2 weeks to treat
Yangming primary tx
Purgitive formula
In yangming the pathogen is...
Dislike heat - constant fever - more thirst - more irritability - more perspriation - constipation - acute abdominal discord/blockage
Name the the general sx for yin disease
body is colder - pores open w/o control, spontaneous and night sweats - circulation of blood is irregular, areas of chills and fever - frequent urination, diarrhea - clear, watery discharge of lung and sinus - Wei Qi, Ying Qi weak
Taiyin primary tx
Strengthen nutritive Qi - build Wei Qi
Diminished ying qi, Spleen is weakened - loss of appetite - diarrhea - some abdominal pain - several weeks tx
Shaoyin primary tx
Warm and stimulate metabolism
Stronger chills - Kidneys weaken - frequent and/or diminished urination -low energy - weak voice
Jueyin primary tx
Strengthen Qi - Tonify yang - Astringents
Most serious - several organ systems are depleted - insomnia - night sweats - loss of hair - poor memory - general deficiency sx - severe yin/yang imbalance