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What is the foundation of continuity shooting and editing
match cut
what is the biggest obstacle to continuity?
shooting out of sequence
when do you need a script supervisor?
when shooting out of sequence
how can sizes and angles help you with continuity?
mask mathcing problems
what are the 3 main lights in 3 point lighting?
key light, fill light, backlight
what is the key light
major source of illumination, casts hard shadows
what is the fill light, where is it placed
fills key's harsh shadows, by the camera on the opposite side of the key
what is the back light; other name
usually above and behind the subject, separates the subject from the background; hair light
what is high key lighting
bright, flat, little contrast
what is low key lighting
dark, moody, good contrast
what is high key lighting used in (genre)
comedies, musicals, sitcoms
what is low key lighting use din (genre)
film noir, horror
what is specular light? ex?
direct, harsh, creats hard shadows; the sun
what is diffuse dlight? how is it created
indirect, softer, creates diffused shadows; created by light that passes through a medium (like clouds)
what is the temperture of candle light?
what is the temp of 60 watt bulb?
tungsten light temp
film studio lights temp
noon sunlight temp
skylight when cloudy
7-9000 k
what does the incident light meter read
light falling on the subject
what does the reflective light meter read, what does it suggest
light reflected off the subject; suggests fstop for making the subject a middle gray
What does the sekonic do?
measures foot candles and suggests an fstop
what is the lighting ratio formula?
key + fill / fill
what is the 1:1 lighting ratio
very flat
what is the 2:1 lighting ratio
high key, one fstop diff
what is the 3:1 lighting ratio
1 2/3 fstop difference
what is the 4:1 lighting ratio
2 fstop difference, low key
what is the 8:1 lighting ratio
3fstop difference, very very low key
how do you choose fstop?
consider dof, what light you ahve, quality of light, resolution of image (sharper at larger aperture)
what is film latitude?
the "seeing"range of the film, how much under/over exp it can take and still be sharp
whats important in lighting/electricity?
know how much electr your instruments need to avoid overloading
electricity formula
w/v = a
what is a good rule of thumb for how much eletr you can use?
1 amp per 100 watts
what is the inverse square rule?t
the intensity of the light decreases by the square of the distance from the subject