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Name the warmest ocean.
the Indian Ocean
Which ocean lies between the Americas and Europe or Africa?
the Atlantic Ocean
What is the world's largest ocean?
The Pacific Ocean
The Arctic Ocean is known as the worlds' _______ & _______ ocean.
smallest & coldest
What was the main occupation of the people of Sumer?
Be able to locate on a map:
Asia, Antarctica, North America, and the Indian, Pacific, & Mediterranean oceans and seas
see p. 314-315 in text (Atlas A2 in back of textbook)
The Fertile Crescent refers to _______.
Who studies the remains of ancient civilizations?
What were two important inventions made by the Sumerians?
writing and the wheel
Where do we believe Noah's ark came to rest?
Mt. Ararat
What is cuneiform?
It is the Sumerians' from of wedge-shaped writing.
What does Mesopotamia mean?
"between the rivers"