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The diameter of the earth is _____?
8,000 miles
What is geography?
The study of the surface of the earth.
_______ is the written record of mankind.
Where did God confuse the languages of men?
Tower of Babel
The continents that make up the Old World are ___.
Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica
What do we call man's attempt to put himself in place of God or above God?
What distance is the circumference of the earth?
25,000 miles
What false idea is based on the belief that man began as an animal?
A people group's way of life is their _____.
What does A.D. mean?
"anno Domini"
(Latin for "in the year of our Lord")
What is a republic?
a government that is run by representatives of the people; no particular group has all the power
The leader of a republic is called the ____.