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What was the Ice Age?
The times when the Earth had long periods of freezing cold.
What 3 things were the Mammoths used for by the Ice Age people?
food, clothing, shelter & tools
What 2 continents were connected by Beringia?
Asia & North America
Where were the hunters from that crossed Beringia?
How many years ago did the first Americans arrive?
About 12,000 years ago
What are 2 other theories about the way or the time that the first Americans arrived?
One theory is that the first Americans arrived earlier than 12000 years ago & did not cross the land bridge at all. Instead they could have traveled along the coast of Beringia to the Americas by boat.Another theory is that it took longer than the 12,000 years to arrive.
How do Archaeologist decide which theory is correct.
They search for evidence by examining artifacts from the past.
Do all Indian tribes have the same origin story?
No, they have many different stories about the origin of their lands & their beginning long ago.
Who were the first Americans and how did they get here?
The hunters were the first Americans and they got here by following the mammoths.